Friday Factors

What a busy day today! I’ve mentioned before I’m engrossed in the true life story, “Ordinary on Purpose,” by Mikala Albertson, M.D. She went through med school at UNMC in Omaha. She describes the neighborhood. I can easily identify where she may have lived. I find it fascinating. What a sad story. Her husband and her were both were both in medical school, they had two children, and her husband was an alcoholic and drug abuser. She kept it quiet. She didn’t want to reveal her less than perfect life. How sad.

I am doing a lot of reflecting about this book. It is a lot of truth coming down on me all at once. I marvel at what we women will tolerate in our relationships. It is almost unreal. I have read half of it. May make some headway tonight. Tomorrow morning, the Babe and I will go to the Post to ready the tables for dinner. It is an annual event, with about 60 people attending. We are grateful for the volunteers who help. We’re not able to do the heavy work, moving tables, cooking, serving, and cleanup. Thank goodness for helpers!

I created some gift bags for the wives of the Honor Guard members. Every year, the wife of the Captain does this. I have about 40 bags, with a variety of small items, including two York Peppermint Patties wrapped in Easter colors. It’s an array of things, kitchen towels, a small succulent plant, and others. Just a thank you for the patience and sharing your partner with the Honor Guard. It is an honor to see what these volunteers do in bad weather, heat and cold, wind and rain, to lay their comrades to rest. Everyone should attend a service once. It is impressive.

While I have alcoholics in the family along with a drug user who is now clean and sober, I can tell you it is very frightening to think of what may have happened to them. There were many years we weren’t sure where they were or what they were doing. Frightening indeed.

During that time, I did not want my kids around this person. I was afraid they would pick up the habit. Thank God they didn’t. It was the time of Nancy Reagan and “Just Say No!” I’ve always been the rule follower, the one who didn’t rock the boat. Drugs had no place in my life. While everyone dabbled in the 70s, my then husband and I did not. I didn’t even drink any alcohol until I got divorced at age 29.

The world is full of things that are no good for you, your body, your soul, your mind. Learn to work through your problems, not adopt a crutch to get by. Most addicts tell themselves they can quit any time. They are in full control. Don’t buy it.

I’m grateful to have the curse skip me. I believe it’s skipped my kids, too. It has not been that kind to others in the family. There is so much to learn about families, addiction, and who may inherit the genes of addiction. Learn, read, and make good decisions. Let’s see each other tomorrow. Take care.

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