Tuesday Things

Why do we keep doing this daylight savings thing? It’s pretty disruptive to our lives, internal clocks, our workdays, our sleep patterns, and our dogs feeding schedules. There are debates every year why we do it, why we keep doing it, and especially why we should or should not keep doing it.

I remember the first year of high school we were not on daylight savings time. There was a lot of discussion about what time we needed to assemble at school to take a bus to a Friday night football game in an adjoining state. It was maddening. Our high school did not have air conditioning and had early dismissal some afternoons at 1 p.m. The heat was unbearable, and we wore wool uniforms.

It seems as if the entire world is air-conditioned now. No more worries of if being too hot in a school during the day. No more heat while shopping, enjoying a movie, or going to church. Anyone watch an old movie lately where there is an afternoon baseball game (remember, there were no lights in stadiums for night games) and all the men in the crowd wore suits and hats? It is how people dressed in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Even as kids, the Babe and I didn’t wear jeans. They were not acceptable at schools or dances. The boys and men wore trousers. Everyone wore leather shoes. It’s all we had.

There have been many times in my life when all I’ve had is hope. Hope someone will recover from a serious accident or illness, hope the money will get to the bank before a check that covers a bill will cash, hope the unfamiliar noise in the car isn’t an expensive repair. There are times I recall tougher times like these and the resulting gratitude is overwhelming.

They seem like such basic things. It’s such a vivid memory because it occurred a lot. You never gave up, though. As soon as you blinked while looking life square in the eye, you wavered. You lost hope. Maybe you gave up. If you backed down, it would be very difficult to regain your foothold for progress. It could stall your forward momentum. All you wanted is a rest. Rest. And get back to it. C’mon! You’re so close to your goal! You can do it!

As we all go about the day on this hopeful Tuesday, let’s not count the things we do; let’s do the things that count! Zig Ziglar really knew what he was talking about. Help make the world a better place. We all can. Let’s meet again tomorrow. Be safe out there.

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