Thursday Things

I’ve been pretty slow about getting around to things today. Did some straightening up, cleaning up, planning about the ranch and got back to the blog before I get too lazy. The frigid temperatures don’t make it conducive to productivity. Binge watching is more like it. We have little snow in the greater Gretna area today.

The people who are in the Ukraine are in my prayers today. It’s always the poor people who suffer in the sanctions, the diplomacy (or lack thereof), and the calamity that follows. Being a Cold War kid, I have never trusted Putin. Russian people have suffered my entire life no matter who the ruler was. Khrushchev vowed to bury us. He made that promise to bury America after digging a grave for us. He was positive that would happen. There are those who believe that is happening.

The people of Cuba have also suffered a terrible economy because of communism, socialism, and being ruled by Castro. The corrupt rulers lived lavish lives while the people suffered. That was the story behind Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, during all the wars known to us. And so it goes. Persecution of innocents, wrath of ungodly, and suffering of the people.

The modern worst part? If a cyber attack happens, it will be devastating. Talk of interrupting the cable communication running across the ocean floor is a possibility. Millions of transactions take place every day, and if interrupted, could cause financial chaos for many.

The spirit of good and just people must win. It must always defeat the enemy, no matter the foe. Stories of survivors at Auschwitz continue to leave people speechless. No food, water, medicine, and severe treatment, and yet they survived? It is the human spirit. Along with the intervention of God. There are those who would say, “If there were a god, it would not have allowed that to happen.” Wrong. The evil in humankind manifested itself in Nazi Germany. I shudder to think anyone else could cause such a genocide as stormed upon the Jews.

Harsh realities occur during our lives, and many of them are brutal. Our military serves to protect us from harm. I feel safe while they are at their posts. Our grandchildren are safe to take part in dance, cheer, baseball, basketball, and play at daycare in our great country. I shudder to think of them needing to take shelter from bombings. Our adult kids becoming refugees to seek haven in another country is unheard of. The Babe and I being murdered because we’re too old boggles my mind.

I will never understand the cause of evil in the world. I will probably not trust Russia; it’s not the people, it’s the ruler. The threats of sanctions? How long will it take? I do not know. I hope those in power know what they’re doing. In the meantime? I plan on being here tomorrow. I hope you do too. Take care. Be grateful.

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