Strengths v. Weaknesses

There was always that inevitable question in a job interview; “nesses,What are your strengths/weaknesses?” I never liked that one. Do they still even ask such a question? There is an age-old phrase; “Tell me your strengths and I’ll tell you your weaknesses.” For every plus, there is negative, it’s the balance of life.

Some folks are highly intelligent and seek to resolve their problems quickly. Quick fixes usually work for them. Until the frustration sets in. Deep down, weaknesses crash again with quick fixes. Quick fixes do not last for personal development of kicking bad habits or addictions. Highly intelligent people look down on those of us who may not get it the first time. They judge us as not too bright, lesser than they are, and their arrogance appears with their impatience.

What these folks need to realize is wisdom differs from intelligence. A lesser educated person can out perform someone with common sense. A person who has low self-esteem can show more empathy and kindness than a braggart can buy. It’s not for sale. It comes from within.

Remember, there are two sides to the coin. Denial is a wily devil. The parable of a man pointing out other’s injuries while failing to see a splinter in his own eye is a classic. It’s just easier to point out what the others are doing wrong than admit to our own defects. It’s also called being human. Before we call someone else out on their problems, it’s better to know our own first and be working on them.

What about yourself do you want to change? Is it a weakness? Do you readily admit to it or hide it in the corner, hoping it keeps quiet? Do you talk out loud about it? Are you working on flipping the coin, turning a weakness into a strength? Make it worth your time, become a stronger, better person.

While searching Pexels for a photo depicting strength, I find it ironic there are none showing anything to do with inner strength. They all have to do with physical strength. I chose the photo about waking and working out to hint about waking and doing the reading, meditating, or contemplating what you can do to conquer your weaknesses. I hope it’s to the point for you.

I have a to do list a mile long today. Meeting tomorrow about communication, and I need to outline the agenda, talking points, and executive summary. Hoping I can get back to the business of writing next week. Have a beautiful day – we’re hunkering down today, it’s going to be a cold, blustery day. See you tomorrow!

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