Little Things Add Up

Monday, January 24, 2022 is upon us. We made great progress over the weekend, moving furniture, getting a new area rug in place, and getting some things ordered to help be more organized.

I don’t know if it’s something that’s “done” or not, but we put both the chest and dresser on the same wall. The header photo shows that. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I just haven’t seen it before. That made more room to put two chairs, a little area rug down, for a little reading area. I sat with coffee this morning and read the Bible. We have a sheet to follow that will take you through the it in a year, if you keep up with the required reading. So far, so good, and I’m keeping up. I ordered a small bookcase to put between the chairs, against the wall.

It is a better use of space. A quilt will hang in the middle.

This morning, I spent a couple hours putting all the Santa’s in one tub, (hopefully), and made quite a dent in the mess. At least now it’s on the way to becoming organized. It will be awesome decorating next year. Progress! See, there’s that word again! I’m doing it, staying focused and slowly headed in the right direction.

The Babe Built the Shelves. What a Handy Guy! Think I’ll Keep Him!

Tomorrow will be another day with Mom. I’ll take her to get a perm. While she is processing, I’ll go to Panera’s and try to get some writing correspondence sent. I’ll be updating my website this week, with a page about Jewell Publishing, LLC. If you recall, this is my publishing company, and home to Kathy Raabe, Author. It’s also the home for Grandma Kathy and my children’s books.

We’re pretty sore tonight after two days of furniture moving and carrying things up and down the stairs. Blog won’t be very early tomorrow, either. We’ll be writing on the “road” and catching up some things. Hope your evening is nice, and you have a good one. Take care out there and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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