Thoughtful Thursday

It’s another sunny morning at the Home Office in Gretna Nebraska. I’m listening to the President talking about Omicron. Vaccinations. Masks. Over the nose. It’s your patriotic duty. Announcing next week how to get free masks. Testing. 375 Million at home tests. Free tests. A billion tests are ordered.

In the city of Omaha right now, the Douglas County Health Director issued a mask mandate for the city, overriding the Mayor’s wishes, and there may be lawsuits filed over it. The county extends far beyond the city limits, but the mandate doesn’t. Rules and regulations. Does anyone know what we’re doing?

There are naysayers. I do know two people personally who have died from COVID. I believe it exists. Just like the flu, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Whooping Cough, it’s something we need protection from. The differences between COVID and all these other deadly diseases? The science available to us now as opposed to the Smallpox outbreak in the early 1900’s. Instead of it taking years, we can now develop fairly potent vaccines in months. I believe in the end we will add COVID vaccinations to the group we now have to help keep diseases away from our families and especially the children. If you disagree, that’s fine. We can do that. I respect your right to make a different choice than I.

I met with my artist today, and we understood each other quite well. I think it will be a great project. It’s quiet right now, before the new snow storm is coming (again). That will be a good day for some baking or cooking. It should be the start to a cozy weekend. More work around the house for sure.

Blessings being remembered again and gratitude is on my mind. We are warm and well, and all I can do is trust in God to see us through the rest of this pandemic, and help us find a way to stay safe. We need safety. We need calm. We need faith. During these times, we need God. See you tomorrow!

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