Why Do We Do This?

I think we need to learn to be civil again. Or is it still possible? Might not be. If you immediately react and spout your opinion which no one asked for, how can you expect to be treated civilly? Knee jerk reactions only make us look like jerks. Why are you adversarial while spouting your beliefs to someone who could care less? Why do you get so angry over something someone did not intend to be nothing more than a satirical comment on the daily message the media is harping about? I’m personally fed up with hearing and having to relive the events of January 6. Let’s call it a day on that subject.

Can we even go on as a nation if we loiter around these events? Do we know how foolish we sound to the world? We can’t agree on anything anymore. What happened to Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men? Did it get put away with the Christmas decorations?

We need to stop forcing our beliefs on others. We need to realize no one cares what our opinions are. It is not our job to scold others. Especially on their FB page. It’s in very bad taste. You can feel passionate about some topics. Don’t let that passion misguide you into being fooled into being self-righteous. It doesn’t look attractive on anyone. Check yourself first.

More things have found themselves into the storage area today. Slowly but surely, we’re making progress. Further sorting decorations helps categorize them and should help me find things more readily next year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to finish by Sunday afternoon.

While I go check on the status of the Navy Bean Soup, keep in mind we’re all human. I can forgive anyone for that; just not for pretending to be better than everyone else and scolding me. I’m way beyond having the time or patience for phoniness. Life is indeed too short. Have a nice evening, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe out there.

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