Happy New Year!

So far, so good, right?

We had tickets for a dinner/dance at our VFW last night; it was pretty icy all day from fog, frozen particles, we decided to stay home. It’s not worth the risk when you’re living in the 70’s (again). I hope all our friends are safe and warm this morning.

I’m usually late to the party, but here goes. I’ve heard many folks talk about not making resolutions but selecting a word instead. I want to expand my horizons this year, publish the kid books, finish the novel, and keep expanding the audience for my blog. Not sure how to select one word to do that.

Maybe progress should be my word. In any area of my life/business/health journey I believe I should make some sort of progress each and every day. Progress, no matter how slight, is still progress. Each day should end farther along the continuum than where I was before. It sounds simple enough. Resolutions are pretty easy to overlook, to stick in the back of the closet, top shelf, and quit. Yes. It is.

We all know ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not. We know what will motivate us and what will not. We know what we need to do; whether it be cut carbs, exercise, work harder at keeping the clutter down or just finishing the laundry by folding the clothes as they come out from the dryer. A little movement forward in each of these areas could lead to significant progress by this time next year. While one grand, great, successful sweeping gesture could get us there with a flourish, chances of it becoming a real changed behavior are slim.

We can change dramatically when we commit to making long-term pledges. Who do we make the promise to? Ourselves. And God. No one else really needs to know. I tend to hold my feet to the fire by sharing what I’m committing to. It’s done to keep me on track, not to show off.

I’m going to work on more plans today; personal, business, writing, publishing, websites, and social media. Plans, schedules, and even scheduled free time are important, especially when they help you achieve your goals. Goals are no good if you achieve them but are too burned out to enjoy them. Balance and rest are key. Don’t forget them.

Enjoy your day today. Think about your word. Think about your goals. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe out there!

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