One More Day . . .

In waiting for the Holiday Season to begin, don’t lose sight of today and all it has to offer. My grandma used to say, “Don’t wish your life away.” Once again, she is right. What good can possible come on the day before the big day? A lot.

You could be emotionally shut off from society and use today to finally get the nerve to venture out like Scrooge did after his night of three nightmares. Every bit of courage you gather up prior to finally opening the door to the world, you can feel inside of you. And, gosh, this isn’t so bad. Don’t admonish yourself for not doing it sooner; it just wasn’t time. It’s a great time to get the cobwebs out. If I have been a recluse for two years, I doubt it would be a great idea to venture out on Black Friday to view the world anew. Common sense should rule.

We had some really nice Thanksgiving Day’s when the kids and I were home alone in the late 1980s. The boys would put up the Christmas decorations on the house, complete with lights, and after we ate dinner, we would gather in front of the house at 6 p.m. for the annual lighting ceremony. They admired their handiwork as their sister and I marveled at the sight.

I’m not a bargain shopper; I was one who made gifts for my family and friends. A crocheted afghan, a fleece pullover, or a hat/scarf combo. I’ve never gathered in a Black Friday crowd, nor do I have any desire to do that. Nope, not my deal. As a single mom, I used layaway, and paid weekly all fall until December. It was great for me. I always wanted to have the same number of packages for the kids to open. We’d make the gift opening last all morning. We’d have orange juice and glazed donuts for breakfast, and savor the smells of the turkey baking while we opened gifts.

I’m starting the day by cleaning up the house a little, and practicing an attitude of gratitude while doing this chore. I keep resolving to get decluttered, and I keep doing it. I’m getting closer than I was. That’s progress, and I’m going to be grateful. The thing is, I want the house picked up for us, not for the kids. They know we have dogs, and are retired. It’s tough to get some places to dust. It doesn’t matter! They are who matters. And for that, I’m grateful.

After the upstairs is done, if the Babe is home by then, I’ll do a bit of prepping for the sides tomorrow. Since our turkey needs to be in about 6 a.m., I may get it ready in the pan, and wrap well with foil so we just need to put it in the oven in the morning. That will make it easier! Then the Babe can cook the icky stuff for him to eat. The icky stuff is the giblets and neck, yuck! Did I say that out loud? Wow. Mom would eat it, but none of us kids did. Dad wouldn’t either.

The grandkids don’t want gifts for Christmas, but giftcards. Then they may have what they really want. It makes it easier, for sure. Still, I miss when they were littler and you could buy a fun toy or cute dress. Yes, those days are gone for the three older kids. The littles in Colorado are getting real boxes to open, so we’re lucky that way. Hope we get to see them soon.

Have a beautiful day. Be grateful for good memories. Keep them in their place, the past. Make more new ones the rest of the weekend. Stay in the present, not too far in the future, which isn’t happening yet. Today is the gift we have right now. Enjoy! See you tomorrow!

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