Gratitude and Stuff

First, I’ll share with you what took up most of our day yesterday. I saw my doctor and all is well. He told me wait at least 90 days before getting the booster for the Moderna Vaccination. In his opinion, it’s the best vaccine and will offer 3 times the protection when we finally can have it. He also told me I have “super immunity” right now. Having COVID builds some immunity. The strain I had was the variant, so I’m immune. Good deal for not being very sick. I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. And, the super immunity will continue after I get the booster. His advice on mixing the vaccines? Get Moderna, it’s the best, and what I had to start with. I trust this Doc with our lives, so I value his opinion.

After I finished with that, I did an errand, then had a call from the Babe. He was in an accident while driving his truck yesterday. He went to the bank to make a deposit for the Post. A guy ran a red light, the Babe tried to speed up to avoid him, but still was hit in the drivers side rear wheel, truck box, and the side airbags went off. Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break! It’s been a tough year to be the Babe. And yet, although he’s discouraged, he’s grateful. I’m grateful. Had he been t-boned, we’d be having a different kind of blog today.

No doubt there are countless blessings bestowed on our family this year. The Babe isn’t negative about this latest speed bump on the road of our life. That’s one huge thing I love about him. He’s grateful. It’s easy to be a positive person with him. While talking to his kids and siblings, he kept saying, “It’s the hassle I don’t need, but it’s ok.” He took a ride in the ambulance because of the blood thinners that keep his arteries open. He banged his head pretty badly, then he was punched with the side airbag. Honda makes a remarkable product. Thank goodness he wasn’t in a Fiat or a Smart Car.

We are also blessed to have the best repair shop in Omaha. I’ve been a customer of theirs since the 1990s when the kids started driving. Dave’s Auto Body Company is the real deal, trust me. If you’re in the area and need this service, do it. You won’t be sorry. They also generously sponsor events at the Post. It their name is on it, it’s quality.

The folks at Enterprise Rent a Car are good, too. We haven’t secured a car yet, but previously have been happy with them. They’re on 90th & Maple in Omaha.

I’m grateful we have the history we have, the Babe and I. Having had weird medical stuff happen in my life has helped make me calm in times of stress and strain. Just part of the fire I have survived. I’ve developed a lot of trust in God that makes me know things will always be all right. Even if they don’t end “well” we’re good. We each have a deep belief we’ll be ok. God will keep us in the palm of His hand for sure. If we don’t have that hope, we’re doomed! We both have realistic attitudes and expectations at this stage in life. Blessed for sure.

My FBIL (Favorite Brother in Law) who is also my I/T Department had a great quip, he told the Babe:

“A Durango (the vehicle that hit the Babe’s) is 6,500 gross weight, while the Ridgeline is about 6,000. The Babe needs to fight in his own weight class!”

I must agree with that statement. Know we’re counting all the blessings God has thrown our way this year. It’s been hard, but we’re so grateful. We’ve survived having COVID, our son and son-in-law are recovering and healthy, and Gavin has barely had a symptom. Yes, let’s all count our blessings today. It becomes a habit after awhile. Thank you for reading today, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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