Foggy From Allergies

I think the giant Cottonwood tree in the wetlands behind the neighbor’s yard is getting it’s final revenge on me. He was always a formidable foe, all majestic as he towered over the neighborhood. At least, he did until the monsoon rains fell this summer. Very. Slowly. The. Giant. Tree. Fell. Over. Mostly in the neighbors yard. We were grateful it didn’t destroy our fence. The part that hung over our yard has been removed; thanks, Babe! But the tree pollen!

When we had our new A/C serviced this summer, the technician found tons of cotton from the beast of a tree in the new unit. Bad for the operation! And the stuff fell all summer, until August, when the tree fell. It probably needs cleaning out again. Not to mention, this tree has kicked my butt this summer. This flare up now is one of the worst ever. The City of Gretna hasn’t figured out how to remove the fallen yet, so it still sits. The wild turkeys of the area have used it for a jungle gym at times. That is fun to watch, it drives Lexie and Goldie crazy. This ungraceful bottom-heavy turkey tried to run, then jump up into the branches located about eight feet off the ground. It made it, but sagged down until he scampered (well, lumbered) up higher off the ground and jumped to neighboring branches. Very clumsy!

The header photo today is of grands Joell and Addison. I believe it was from 2019. I just reached one year of breast cancer survivorship. The Babe and I, along with his son and daughter, and their kids, did the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. It was a beautiful memory. We walked a mile (back when I could do that!) and the kids were so sweet. They were about three years old. Such a sweet memory! Joell and his family arrive later tonight, so we will get to see them after they get to Tracy’s house. It’ll be an intense few days before they have to leave again on Sunday. More photos to follow!

I’m going to do some mindless tasks and take a nap. Nothing exciting. Have a good rest of the day, and look on the bright side whatever happens today. See you tomorrow

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