Monday, Monday

It’s already 5 p.m. and I still haven’t written today’s blog. Yep, I suppose it’s obvious, since there’s nothing posted and this is my starting paragraph. I was out earlier, meeting at the Post, getting information about a POW from WWII from North Dakota. It seems there was a town in North Dakota with five POW’s during that war. What are the odds?

It’s interesting how the government worked in those days. After this POW was released at the end of the war and recovered his health, he was sent on a two week trip with his mother and sister to Chicago. End of story.

My personal awareness of Veteran Suicide is still high, but I’ve had a setback with doing the 71 squats, 22 wall push ups, and 22 minutes of cycling every day. I’ve re-injured my knee(s), so the cycling is out. The squats will resume tomorrow, depending on the knees. I am aware, and I’m getting in touch with some people this week who may be able to help us with a program for Veterans Day.

I’m taking Mom for a perm tomorrow. While she’s getting all done up, I’m going to be at Panera’s having coffee and writing out a plan for the next few weeks. It’ll be busy between getting back to my book and re-visiting my kid book, along with events at our VFW. The past couple months has been so very busy, and now we’ll get back on track. I need to! Take care this evening, and see you again tomorrow.

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