Labor Day

Today used to be the final day for wearing white clothes and shoes for the summer. That “rule” is now passe. So is the convention that summer is over after this day. This may be true, but it might as well be over. School is in full force, and fall activities, such as football, are going all over the place. Time just passes quickly, doesn’t it?

We had a quiet weekend, but it was a good one, ending with dinner with our daughter Tracy, TJ, and Gavin. It’s good to see them after a busy summer. We usually don’t get together much with them, they’re so busy now with all the activities.

I spent a lot of today catching up on updating the Post website. I didn’t get finished, but made a dent in the to-do-list. Tomorrow it should be caught up. I also made some decisions which day(s) I’ll work on my Chapter to submit to the Nebraska Writers Guild Anthology this year. It’ll be great to press the “send” button on Friday. It’s due Saturday, but I’m sure I’ll submit it a day early.

I’m taking a “Learn Facebook Ads” series of classes Thursday and Friday. I’m eager to learn how the Ads work and if either my Author/LLC pages or the VFW page can take advantage of the information. And it never hurts to spend the time learning something new.

As the weekend ends and we’re already one day into the week, make it a good one. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Start small, then go big or go home! You’ll be happy you did. I wouldn’t be writing my over 700 + blog! I’ve got over 350 followers, and I’m proud of that. Thanks for being here every day. I appreciate it. See you, tomorrow.

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