Sultry Saturday

Today was filled with meetings at our Post to talk about how we can help our Afghanistan Veterans. They are really hurting right now. And some Vietnam and Gulf War Vets are in the same condition. We are putting our heads together, trying to figure out what we can offer, how we can make connections, and help those connections to make a difference. It is quite a position to find ourselves in. I’m glad we’ve gone from figuring out how to keep the doors open to asking ourselves how we can help those in need. It makes a vast difference in how we approach things.

Tomorrow, we are presenting several groups with the funds raised throughout the summer through our Honor Guard Car Shows and Silent Auctions. It has been a learning experience, one we have benefitted from. We are eager to keep doing more of the same for those we can help. It’s what the VFW does; no one does more for Veterans than your local VFW’s.

It weighs heavy on the mind of many, with the tragedy in Afghanistan this week. Politics aside, how terrible to have the soldier you sent overseas to not return home. I don’t know how one recovers from that; although many, many have over all the years of all the wars the United States has been a part of. We have to be there, to protect liberty. I pray we can continue to help the returning soldiers feel their sacrifice is worth the America we give them.

I am retyping part of my remarks for our ceremony tomorrow, then reading. Just quietly reading. It’s been a long couple of weeks, and my heart is kind of beat up and tired. A night’s sleep is just about enough, but not quite. I’ll practice my remarks one more time tomorrow, before anyone else arrives. It should be ok. I suppose I’d better learn how to speak to a group, especially if I publish books and do author signings. Need some practice, so it’ll be fine.

I hope you all have a beautiful evening, and we will have more time together tomorrow. Once this event is over tomorrow, we’re digging down to get back to the novel. Yes! See you tomorrow. Be Safe!

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