Saturday: Man v Tree

It’s another beautiful, clear blue sky kind of day in Gretna Nebraska. My office today is the beautiful patio we have, and there is actually some shade today. I’m keeping an eye on the Babe, as he battles the part of the Cottonwood tree that fell last Saturday night. Like many ancient trees, it sort of just toppled over slowly, not making a sound. The ground was saturated that night, with about five inches of rain. That much rain, all at once, must have run the wetlands up over the banks. It’s all downhill from us, and the foliage is dense, so we can’t see.

It’s amazing how huge the tree looks fallen down. It always been huge, I would bet it’s over a hundred feet high. What is lying over our fence is the very top we’d see birds light on and sing their songs. I’m shocked we haven’t found any nests, too. At least not yet.

A neighbor two houses over said they walked back in the overgrown brush and saw the aftermath of the tree toppling over. There is a cliff about 15 feet high of dirt, grass, and roots. She said it was amazing. I’m sure it is, but the Babe and I will not venture back there, where poison ivy lurks and who knows what else. Rumor has it anything that happens in the wetland must remain undisturbed; so I expect we’ll see it after the leaves all fall and we have a clear view of the tiny creek and the life in there.

This whole cottonwood debris is really deceiving. The big branches, being the oldest, had a lot of dead wood that snapped off when jiggled. (Professional Tree Removal term, right there; jiggled). The seemingly huge job really isn’t that bad after all. God was looking out for us. The Babe took one truck load to the tree dump, and we are bagging up the rest. He did purchase a new chain saw, but it’s small and he’s making sure to stay on the ground while using it. He’s being very careful, and I feel ok watching him.

The dogs are a great deal of help. They kind of had fun exploring the temporary forest. I think they’ll miss it, really. Goldie would attack a flimsy branch or two. She grabbed one at a time from various bundles. It was a lot of fun for her and fun for me to watch. The Babe was not amused.

As we saw how deceiving the size of the tree was, I thought it was a great metaphor for whatever comes to us in life that seems huge and daunting; then, when you dig in and fight the monster, you discover it’s not as bad as you first thought. How we do that repeatedly through our lives! Assess and consider, consult with experts, and then, by gosh, we dig in and discover we probably made a monster of the thing in our minds. We do that out of fear, lack of confidence, lack of experience, yet we feel so accomplished when we’re finished!

I have been approaching getting re-acquainted with my novel in that manner. “Oh, it’s a huge project.” That it is, but I already have a great outline I learned how to do last year. “I need to get my head back into it.” Yes I do. After thinking long and hard, I think I’ve found just the way to do it.

I think we’ll save that for another day. I’m going to pick up a few sticks and leaves, and applaud the Babe for a job well done. Do something today you may be putting off. Just start with baby steps. It will not be as bad as you think. You could even enjoy it. Today, begin! See you tomorrow.

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