Meaningful Monday Morning

The header photo shows my new fun looking pile of Post It notes with one caveat – they’re not post-its, they have no sticky on the back. So these notes to moi are in danger of getting lost. These happen while I’m working on something for Grandma Kathy, Kathy Raabe Author, or for Jewell Publishing, LLC. I make a short note and this becomes my pile of ideas. Some of them are weird.

I’m an excellent note taker. (Cue Dustin Hoffman, in Rain Man). All through high school and my belated college career (graduated high school in 1970, college in 1995. I was on the 25 year plan!) I learned to take copious notes. And my time working in HR at ConAgra, then in I/T at ConAgra and Mutual of Omaha. I was taken aback when I attended the first Nebraska Writers Guild Conference a few years ago. Now everyone just takes photos of slides with their cell phones or notebooks. I’m very old school. I still write, I think it helps my memory.

When on a Zoom Meeting or Call with my Book Coach I always jotted stuff down. It’s just how I learn. Writing, reading it later, and sometimes trying to figure out what the heck I meant by something? It’s humbling, and sometimes I actually remember what seemed important at the time. And then, it sticks in my brain. I love to learn anything.

Over the weekend, the Babe and I went out for lunch, and it was in a sports bar. There was an old car auction on the TV nearest us. I love watching those things. I know, it’s weird for a girl, isn’t it? Remember, I grew up in a male-dominated household. All brothers, one older, two younger. I had my dolls, etc, and in interacting with those boys, I played their games. I shot marbles in the dirt with brother Tom and neighbor Johnny B. Tom didn’t play sports, but Johnny B. talked about Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle all the time. I wanted to play catch with Johnny, but “girls didn’t do those kinds of things” when I was a kid. We had no girl sports except volleyball. The nun that proctored the volleyball team rarely put me in, she said I was too self-conscious and nervous to play well. How, I ask, was I to get more comfortable than to play more? I guess that never occurred to her. And yes, I hated Dodge-Ball.

I loved to look at my little brother’s cars, the original Match-Box ones, and the model kits they would build. I enjoyed looking at cool cars and still do. I absorbed a lot about car maintenance, too. Dad always taught us to listen to our cars. To be observant. He was a mechanic at one time, owning his own gas station and service station. He maintained his own cars until they had computers in them. They required equipment to troubleshoot that was very expensive, so the days of shade-tree mechanics were over for him. But what a smart man he was.

My non-Post-It notes indicate what new adventures I get to have this week. It’s all in attitude. I prefer to call these to-do items adventures. A lot of things I’ve not done before, but what the heck. I’ll learn, and in learning what to do, I can help a lot of people, specifically, our Veterans and families of fallen Police Officers. It will be a full plate, and I’m glad for that. It keeps me going (and the Babe), and we both need that. In each other, we have all we need. Just sharing that wealth.

Share your wealth somewhere today. Make a difference no matter how small. It will positively affect someone. And you’ll be able be a bright spot, making a difference that ripples out from you. We all need to join in. Be Kind. Be a Volunteer. Be a Difference Maker. Learn. Thank you for reading today, we will see each other tomorrow.

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