The World Continues On

Today, I’m grateful for my bank, with it’s ever-constant vigilance. I briefly posted earlier someone stole my info from online shopping at Walmart, and proceeded to purchase an iPhone from a Council Bluffs store. My card is now cancelled, I’m over it, just grateful more damage wasn’t done. Today, all is right with the world again.

Thievery makes me very angry. People taking what isn’t theirs is a sin against society, not just individuals. Still, I believe most of us are honest as the day is long, and God will deal with us in due time. Or, as the character Maude used to say, “God will get you for that.” Maude was Archie Bunker’s cousin, I believe. And she was introduced to Saturday night television in the day when network TV was worth watching. It was the best.

We had some major coffee on the deck this morning. The Babe loves getting up at zero dark thirty, making coffee, and sitting out there before I’m awake. I don’t sleep until noon or anything, but wow. Here we are at 9:45 a.m., and I’m back at the keyboard, trying to make sense of today. My trust is no longer in question by my inner critic, and I am working to make it a good day again today. The pups are pretty hot as it’s already 85 degrees already. They lounge a lot on days like this. They are smarter than people are, you know? They just chill. Retired people get a chance to try to learn that technique. Glad we made it there.

I’ve talked some about trying some new habits to help myself be less “messy”, to fold all the laundry the day it’s washed instead of 3 – 5 working days later, to build time for myself into each day. The laundry thing has made a big difference! It was a simple thing to start with, and it’s going well.

I also started a 50 Squat a Day Challenge to bring attention to Heart Disease. The Squats themselves are not hard, since I’m doing the “Sink Squats.” They aren’t hard, I’m not really sore, but I can tell I’ve done something more than normal. I have to guard these old knees, but they’re not hurting too bad right now. And since I’ve seen it took nearly two years for my supplemental insurance to pay for injections after they approved them, in 2019, maybe I’ll just stop with them. Jury’s still out on that.

And since I need to add some cardio to my life, I’ll start the recumbent bike by July 1. I also entered a 2200 Squat challenge, to raise awareness for the 22 Veterans who commit suicide daily. The 71 squats a day required to add up to 2200 in 31 days will be time my consciousness will be raised. Our VFW Post is becoming more involved with these causes, and raising funds and awareness. We must help each other. It’s what kind humans do for each other.

As you go about your day, be aware of the world around you. Hold a door open, smile at a baby. Let Grandma or Grandpa ahead of you in line. Soon, countless little gestures will add up and you will have a whole awareness of your world. It opens your eyes and your hearts. Try it. You’ll like it. See you tomorrow!

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