God’s Smiling Down on Us

It will be another scorcher today at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. We expect it. If you’ve never noticed, to me it seems as if it’s hotter than blazes for a week to ten days, then a cold front moves through, and it’s cool for two or three days. I think it’s just weather patterns, but I’d like to think God tests us and then gives us a break. I believe He does that.

The header photo is one we took this morning as the sun was coming up over the Wetlands behind our house. I told the Babe when I was a little kid, the sun beaming out from either side of the cloud was God smiling down on us. Why not? I still hope that to this day, He gives us signs like that. He gave us a beautiful world to experience, if we could slow down enough to observe and enjoy.

There is also a cardinal, every morning, who goes to the same bare branch at the top of one of the trees, and sings loud and clear. You can’t help but smile at that. One of his perches is hidden, but we can still hear him. He goes back and forth between the two branches, and we enjoy his song. It’s the simple things, you know?

Now we both have rocking chairs on the deck, and rocking chairs – well – rock, in my mind. The movement is relaxing. I think of when I rocked my babies to sleep. During the middle of the night when it was time for a feeding, I’d change him or her, get their bottle, and settle into the rocking chair, rocking back and forth. I didn’t mind the sleep intrusion, I loved taking care of those babies. And the grandkids, too. It’s been a long time since I had a rocker, and these are made of a composite material, guaranteed not to fade for 20 years. They’re nice enough they could be used in the living room and not look out of place.

While The Babe and I talk, I am reminded of the song by Rick Tiger, “Coffee & Conversation.” I cannot locate a video of it on You Tube to share. It’s a story about a kid who wakes up when he hears Grandma and Grandpa get up early, make coffee, listen to the farm report radio, and what he hears during those early morning hours. Rick describes the noise the rocking chair makes, the conversations going from left to right, politics, church, God, everything an old couple could talk about. We share the memory with Rick as he tells his story. It’s a beautiful one, that touched the Babe’s heart.

He talks a lot about being at his grandparent’s farm in South Dakota. What a great environment for kids growing up. All they learned, it’s incredible. His Grandma continued going to the farm every summer, but stayed in town as she became elderly, the farmhouse was heated by a wood burning stove, not a furnace. Too dangerous if she’d run out of wood or if the power failed during a blizzard. Not to mention falling on ice/snow/etc. She was a sweetheart of a lady. She called the Babe “Danny.” She was the best. She passed away a week before our wedding in 1998. We started the week on Monday with her funeral, then ended the week with our pre-nup dinner on Friday and wedding on Saturday.

I am excited for the things the rest of the summer will bring. Hopefully, we’ll get an uneventful season of re-discovering how to live again. Outside of our home cocoons. Try it out. Be Safe, but get out. It’s fabulous. See you tomorrow!

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