Tuesday: Building Momentum

It’s a great start to the week. I need to make a stringent (yet flexible) schedule for myself. To stay on task as a volunteer and writer, I need a schedule. Then there is the question of keeping a tidier house. Do all writers deal with this? Or is it only those of us who have two big dogs in the family? They shed, but they’re part of the family, too. It would be wild if people shed like dogs do. We do shed skin cells and hair constantly, but not like dogs.

I tend to be a messy creater. It doesn’t matter if it’s a clothing construction project, a quilt project, or a writing project. I’m messy with the cool tools I’ve assembled to do it. I’m a cool tool collector; it goes with the creative territory. And with writing and art? Books on how to; kits to make it “easier”; calligraphy, you say? When I get time to do it, I will have a kit on hand. Yes, I have a lot. I’m rearranging all of the hobby stuff downstairs. Then, later in the summer, as it’s time to take a rest break, I can fill my glass of cold iced tea, go downstairs to get on the patio; and grab a bag of an embroidery project to work on, or read, or draw, whatever fancy strikes me. But I can’t get there until it’s cleaned up and organized. I am not a hoarder like you see on TV. Those poor people really have mental health issues. I know some folks who are like this. Sad.

I need to assess what I have around me while writing. I have a handy growing library of books on “how to”. I have notes, notes, notes and printouts from free online classes. They can be extremely helpful! I need to sift through this sandbox of knowledge, and discard some of it. The time is now, too. By June 1, I want to have schedules of my days so I know what needs doing first. Priorities are so important! Feeling accomplished is, too. We both went through some depression. It is terrifying, not knowing what was going to happen. The Babe told me, “Vietnam felt the same way.” Perfectly normal feeling for both circumstances. We need to refocus, get ready, set, and go! Join me in a new direction for all of us.

Taking the time to be organized will cut down a lot of wasted time. Period. We all fall into the rabbit hole of Facebook, Solitaire, Instagram, etc. I can be checking on useage or spelling of a word and twenty minutes later, I need to take my attention back to the task at hand. My dictionaries are ready on the desk next to me, but I seem to prefer to googling the word, figuring out how to spell it if I’m lucky.

Isn’t the Header Photo today beautiful? Our neighbor, Carol, gave us some of her North Dakota Roses and Peonies. Aren’t they pretty? I love having fresh flowers in the house. It gives me a lift no matter what’s going on. p.s. We still need to get our flowers planted in pots outside. And move this pesky bush before it gets huge again. And either move or split up the butterfly bush. It gets too huge, and blocks the sidewalk up to the house if we let it. There grows the list about tasks at home; see what I mean?

My “I Create Daily” group , led by LeAura Alderson, posed a challenge today: “Write a List of 30 Reasons to Smile.” How about it? Puppies. Babies. Old Dogs. Old People. Bright Colors. A Soft Towel. Live Music is Back. No Masks Soon. The Blue Sky on a Perfect Day. The Rain. The Flowers Bursting Blooms. A Butterfly. A Butterfly chased by a puppy. A dog chasing Bubbles. A baby playing hide and seek. A Child in your lap. Reading. Reading to a child. Writing. Facebook Friends. Communicating with Friends. A walk. Vacation. Visiting Grandkids. My Dad. Creating. Painting. Quilting. Finishing a project. Success.

Find your reason to smile today. Share it in the comments, please. I’d love to know what gives you smiles. Soon, we’ll be able to see each other’s smiles again. Take Care. Be Safe. Be Kind. Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

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