Keto Bakery? Get Out!

I was out and about this morning, allergy doc visit. She congratulated me for the weight loss. We talked about it, and about the struggle the Babe and I both have with sugar craving. He can buy me a Midnight Dark Chocolate Milky Way Bar, and I’m in. I eat half and save the other half until later. She suggested a local bakery that has Keto desserts (and cake, cheesecake, bread, etc.). The baker, Michelle Kaiser, was a Champion on the Food Network Spring Baking Competition.

She is very successful on the Keto diet. She no longer lives in pain. Her medication intake has reduced. And she has quite a story about her baking career. She has two bakeries in the Omaha, NE area. One near 72nd & Dodge, one in Elkhorn. Since Elkhorn is on the way home, I stopped. So glad I did. They have fabulous Cinnamon Rolls, Donuts, and cake. I purchased a loaf of bread, too.

And Cinnamon Rolls! Wow, they look fabulous! I think it’ll help cure the sweet tooth and be satisfying enough to stay on track better. Sure, there are days I could eat a two-pound bag of M & M’s. But I don’t. Of course, I don’t keep the little buggers in the house, or there could be a problem.

On the way home from Elkhorn, I also stopped at a little local nursery, famous for their Geranium varieties. They are stunning; some are ivy type, and bloom on the vines, others are huge. I bought one of every color in the display area The public is not allowed in the greenhouse, though. That is by appointment only, and only during the less-busy time. I was happy with what I purchased.

I have a weird flower pot that has four or five parts. Each part has three pots. You stack the parts and have a really neat display that doesn’t take much room. I plan to plant the succulents in there and see how they do. Those are definitely a plant you can neglect, and they grow well. I need soil and figured I’d get that from Menards. Cheaper, you know?

It always makes me happy to play in the dirt and fix up the flower pots. Some are in the house’s front, some on the deck, the rest on the patio. I remember Grandma Jewell planting a few flowers. She and her sister loved flowers, too. Grandma Bobell had Grandpa plant for her. She did no tasks outside that I remember.

The Babe finished a cute bench to sit on, too. The back is four or five birdhouses painted different colors. It’s so sweet. He is a good woodworker, but doesn’t get enough chance to do so. He doesn’t realize it yet, but we received a delivery of three boxes from the Sauder Company. We have had no book cases since we moved here. I could not unload all the boxes of books we (I) own. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. I’m sure we will donate many, but I need to assess the situation first. That will be a summer project. The family room needs a good cleaning up. We had a plumbing problem in the downstairs bathroom earlier this year. Because of that, we need a major cleaning down there. It’s not used that much, but we will this summer.

This will be a weekend where Gavin will spend a couple nights with us. Both the boy and his dogs will tire each other out. And there is a baseball double header tomorrow at noon. We have a car show at the Post Sunday. These grandparents definitely need a day of doing nothing, too! Have a beautiful weekend. Do something you love. Spend time with loved ones, too. Be Safe. Be Kind. Let’s treat others how we would ask them to treat us. See you tomorrow!

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