Thursday Morning

Well, we’ve had our first game of catch here at Raabe Ranch. Goldie might calm down for a little while. I want to be as happy as our yellow lab. It’s my life’s goal, a worthy one, I believe. She loves a schedule. She loves to play. She loves her people. She loves her food. She loves to play. What else could there be? I believe she is living her doggie life to the max. Life is so good.

I know many folks have cats, I’m just not a cat person. We had feral cats all over the neighborhood when I was a kid. A family had them, and they shrieked constantly. I disliked that sound, especially in the middle of a hot, August night. The stuff nightmares were made of. It sounds kind of heathen now, but when I was a kid, people let their dogs loose to roam the neighborhoods. People rarely went to the Vet with their pets, it cost a lot of money most folks didn’t have. They were lucky to go to the doctor. And then they only went when they were sick. Forget about the dentist. We went, but did not have dental insurance.

Life was a lot different then. We had so much less than we do now. As people and as a country. People worked hard. Our worlds were pretty small, too. Telephone calls via long distance were costly. Most people had party lines for their home telephones. It was cheaper. Innovation in technology has been a godsend in some ways; in others, not so much. We know every world event within a very short period of time. Whether the reporting is accurate or not is a whole other topic. Journalism had integrity and meaning. Now, it may be a way of nabbing the market, making a name for yourself, or a cruel joke. We need to be able to trust what we hear. Political or not.

Another saying from my daily meditation book:

Whatever you can do, or think you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. – Goethe

Any creative endeavor involves some boldness. In the 1960s, people believed artists would all starve. You can’t live on what your writing would generate. A girl can’t be an engineer, architect, mechanic? All these are proven false in this century. We were headed that direction. It’s now recognized how important the Arts are in human development and our daily lives. Listening to music calms babies. Bright colors stimulate the mind. Changing your life can do both.

Dumping our bad habits, time wasters, and procrastination are all positive actions towards your genius, power, and magic. Inertia is overcome by following our visions, dreams, and plans. Just because you’ve never done this before doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Our dreams can come true. Never did I think I’d actually get this close to doing something I’ve always wanted to do. A few years ago, I just started. Learned by doing. And I’m getting there!

Three years, eh? No wonder people think we’re weird. Never thought of it that way. Cauliflower becoming pizza? Yes, Mama’s Pizza in Omaha, Nebraska has a delicious cauliflower crust. Make your days fly by. Fly on the wings of your aspirations. Why didn’t they tell us the cage wasn’t locked? Better yet, why didn’t we think to ask if it was or not? We’ve imprisoned our own creative spirit sometimes. Let’s get brave and release it. You were indeed, meant to fly!

Thank you for reading today. I am truly grateful you do. Please consider putting your email address and name for some future goodies. You can only receive them via e-mail, so don’t miss out on the fun we’re about to have!

“Cartney! We have to talk! I have this idea . . . ” Time to contact my artist. Have a beautiful day. Go read a book, play a tune, something wonderful. See you tomorrow!

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