Fab Friday!

What a great day it has been! I knew I’d be awhile with Mom today, and I just embraced what the day offered. It was fabulously full of memories.

The staff at Immanuel Medical Center who organized the COVID vaccine distribution to folks over 80 were fantastic. Someone meets your car as soon as you enter the parking lot. I ordered a wheelchair for Mom since I was unsure how long the line would be.

We got through the line and she sat in the wheelchair until the fifteen minutes was up. She was fine. I thought of when my older brother and I saw the doctor as little kids. Mom would take us and get those dreaded shots. Needles were large and really hurt much more than now. I have a spot on my upper right arm that had nerve damage from a shot I got, and they hit the wrong spot. I have a vivid memory of walking to my brother’s school with Mom and Tom to get the oral Polio vaccine. It tasted like sugar water. I remember overhearing grownups talk about Polio and how terrible it was. I only knew one person who had it. We met him in the 1970s when the man and his family moved into our neighborhood.

Mom was fine, and I wheeled her out through the long corridor. I had to tease her. When we walked out, a nurse gave each elderly person a Dum Dum Sucker. How appropriate! I thought it was cute all the elders had a fun experience. Those nurses (females and males) were so respectful and sweet to the patients. We get to go back on February 26. Hope the weather’s good so we don’t have any issues.

We are so fortunate in Nebraska, especially Omaha. We have so many hospitals and two major medical schools and nursing schools. There is such a wealth of information here, and the people to help us when we need help. Creighton and the University of Nebraska Medical Center turn out top-notch doctors.

Our Veterans Administration Hospital is very good, too. Interns from the two medical schools rotate into the VA and out during their training. I heard this saying long ago, and I believe it. “You want a young doctor and an old lawyer.” Truer words never spoken.

Folks, the Babe is hungry and I’m going to put together the Baked Chicken Salads for dinner tonight. It’s been a busy week, and I think we need to relax on this cold Friday evening. Hope you have a warm night and relaxing weekend. I plan to work on stuff at home and the Babe is spearheading a project to replace the ceiling tile in a rental room at the VFW Post. I’ll hold down the fort with the pups. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be Safe!

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