Pseudonym/Pen Name?

As I’m learning more about branding, a friend suggested since I have two distinctly separate types of writing, one for children’s books, one for women, I should establish two separate brands. It makes sense, and I’ve found articles on how to do that. Sounds like my attorney needs consulting at some point, not establishing a separate LLC, but registering the name for copyright purposes. There are several Pen Name Generators out there; here are some suggestions.

Andra Watt; Grace Spahn; Frances Hurley; Hannah Jewell; Mary Riss

The last three were taking my grandmother’s names and mixing them up. Each combination is an actual person living in the United States. I like Hannah (Great grandmother’s name), and I like Frances (my middle name). I really wanted to pick Grandma Kathy. A Google search revealed the name of a children’s book, “Grandma Kathy Has Cancer.” This Grandma Kathy has had cancer, and I don’t wish to detract from that author’s work, so it’s probably out too. Unless I call myself “Grandma Jewel.” That could work. I’ll check Google later on it.

It’s a concept beyond my thinking to make a list of my qualities. While we all wish to be kind, thoughtful, generous, funny, and beautiful, I doubt many of us would readily describe ourselves that way. I saw a blog someone wrote about listing your assets and they said, “Ask three relatives for a one word description of you.” That could be bad depending on which ones you asked!

Seriously, it could be a great asset if you were unsure how to get started. I may hit up some cousins later this week. I’m thinking of using my real name for the women’s fiction novels. It would be perfect to be “Grandma Kathy” but maybe “Kathy Frances” would be a good pseudonym. See how it all works out? Or not. It appears a Kathleen Frances is a singer from Bristol (Tennessee?). More later.

When you emotionally re-brand yourself, you need to capture attention, encourage purchases, build customer loyalty, integrate the emotional branding into your customer’s life, getting word of mouth. Do you understand how emotions work? Being unique is necessary for your brand to stand out. Best of all, having a human connection leads to long-time followers, a positive reputation, loyalty, and all of this should make a higher return on your investment.

I know my bio needs a definite re-write. So does some info on my website. It’s too bad we humans cannot do over one thing at a time. There is more and more to do and less and less time in which to do it.

As I continue to research my brand identity and what I want to convey about myself, I am going to attempt to put down a few words in my novel. Although I’ve read and researched a lot of things, I haven’t written any words yet. That will change as soon as this is published. Onward! My pseudonym is going to be an extension of myself, not someone else. After all, you can be a wife, lover, mother, friend, grandma, author, and dreamer all at once.

Have a beautiful day. Thank you for checking in, I appreciate it. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Be Safe out there.

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