Sunday, Sunday

Hello, hope you’re all well this fine Sunday night. We’re expecting some major snow in the next few days. Tomorrow, after 4 a.m., it’s supposed to snow heavily, as much as one inch an hour. That’s pretty substantial. Planning on staying home, and the Babe is too. We’ll cozy up at home and call it good.

Goldie passed with flying colors again today, being left out of her kennel while we were away today. I know she’s not going to eat anything, and she and Lexie were both happy when we got home. (But when are they not?)

I’m nearly finished with All Things In Time, by Sue Buyer, the 92 year old first time author. Ms. Buyer was a professional writer her whole career, but never wrote actual reporter stories at the newspaper she worked for. This was common for women during the 1950s and 1960s, when women commonly left their job as soon as their pregnancies “showed.” Rarely did they return after giving birth. Ms. Buyer had an interesting view of a lot of human stories during her time at the newspaper. Some are combined with other stories, making her novella a step back in time. I’m enjoying it.

All the information I’ve read about succeeding in any creative endeavor contains a lot about being persistent. That is good advice. I don’t think there is any creative person who isn’t. Not one who has succeeded. Some days it’s hard. I’ve taken almost two months off from actively writing new pages for my novel, and I feel like a schlep. I’ve been feverishly busy about other aspects of writing and publishing, but not actively writing feels like I’ve abandoned it. Not so. Time to change that mindset right now.

Tomorrow is our day to be finished arranging the boxes of Christmas decorations in the storage room, and it should be one of a few things we finish tomorrow. The Babe finally can use the snowblower, and since he’s losing weight, he can shovel too, unless he gets out of breath. Then it’s time for nitro and the couch. He’s enjoying helping the neighbors out, even though we don’t need to get out and go anywhere.

You all take care, be safe if you live where it’s going to snow a lot. Cold, wind, and blowing snow is no joke. Ice either. Stay home if you can. Have a beautiful night and a great day tomorrow. We’ll see each other then. Thank you for reading.

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