Sunday, Sunday

This is a late Sunday afternoon. The Babe and I went to the VFW Post to do a little office work ad have a meeting regarding the outreach our Post has in the community. We already work with Moving Veterans Forward, a local organization that works with homeless Veterans. They commit to help themselves move from homelessness to nice housing, with the help of MVFNE. It is an honor to personally volunteer with them. Ron Hernandez is a stellar human being, humble in his works, and friend to all the Veterans. They respect him, and it’s mutual.

Once we returned home, I thought I’d just whip through a blog. Guess again. My brain isn’t whipping anything today but me! It’s another very overcast, humid, cold day. The humid cold days are tough for anyone with arthritis. It’s a given. It’s nearly time for me to sit with the heating pad on my back. Yes, it is. Take a break, get a snack, be right back.

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The Sunday’s of childhood always began with “Children’s Mass,” where the entire school sat with their classes, not their families. I always thought that was weird, but Mom attended Mass at 6 a.m when Dad just got home from work/Mass at St. Joseph’s Hospital Chapel. He attended on his way home, usually just him and all the nurses and doctor’s. Dad was a very devout Catholic. Mom converted when they got married. As kids, we attended, in high school, and when I married the first time, we did too. After divorcing in 1982, I just wavered in my church affiliation, but never my faith in God. That’s still very strong.

In some ways, I’m reeling from all we’ve seen in our nation the past year. Last week about did me in. I cannot tolerate such blatant disrespect, regardless of who it’s from. I may re-register to vote as an Independent. I was one my whole voting life until 2001. I will re-think my current affiliation.

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We were fortunate the Babe had a COVID-19 Vaccine. The VA administered it on Saturday, and he is scheduled for the second shot in three weeks. He reports it was very well organized, and easy to deal with. I’m glad, it’s going to be easier for some of the more infirm veterans. They deserve a break.

Sorry, folks. The well is dry tonight. Tomorrow will be another day. More organized, less random thoughts. We, as a Nation, need to get our act together and unify. Party doesn’t matter. Do you want to survive as a Nation? That is what matters. Forget the rest of the problems. We need to not sweat the small stuff. Time to get it together.

Let’s be kind to one another. Don’t be rude on Social Media. None of us is greater than the other. Not really, when you get down to it. Young have always thought older folks to be decrepit in their thinking. It’s nothing new. Let’s behave like we know better, because we do. We are above what’s been going on. Stop pointing fingers, we’re all guilty of some bad behavior. Let’s be AMERICAN.

Thank you for reading today. I’ll see you again tomorrow, and we’ll talk about all the new, fun stuff we’ll be doing all week. Life’s a joy. Get ‘ya some! Be Safe.

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