Terrific Tuesday, 2021

This has been a good Tuesday, as Tuesday’s go. Mom and I had haircuts today and went for lunch. She is not getting out too much, and after her neighbors tested and found out they were COVID-positive, she retreated even further. Yes, It’s January in Nebraska. It’s cold with icy walks at this time of year. She’s been a powerhouse in her thirty-three years of being a widow.

In the past seven to ten years, she’s had a couple strokes and slowed considerably, with vision loss, extreme hearing loss (unless we whisper behind her back!), and isolation from not joining her friends at the Zoo. Omaha’s Zoo is incredible, and for the past 34 years, Mom was a Docent, (it means teacher), and she did a LOT of things. She’s hand fed an elephant; she’s petted a tiger who was under for some dental work; she’s been on baby watch for the “name any animal here;” she’s bottle fed an orangutan AND a baby gorilla (but not at the same time); she’s scrubbed in and cared for the formerly protected black-footed ferrets and given a speech about them at AZAD, a national convention of Zoos. Go Mom! I’m sure the list extends beyond things I can recall now. It was funny when she had overnight duty at the zoo. My brothers and I received calls stating, “If you need me tonight, I’m at the zoo, I’m not out partying.” Um. Sure, Mom. Sure.

And now, this little old lady with all these experiences is pretty much homebound because of COVID and the weather. She loves her home, she’s lived there since 1949. That’s more than a lifetime. We have seen tremendous changes to our old rooms, but the good bones are still there in the house. I never park on “Dad’s side” of the driveway, even though he died a long time ago. There are some things you just didn’t do, and it’s funny you continue those habits long after you have to. We all remember which old-fashioned light fixtures use which switches, and she always asks, ” if there is enough light on the stairs, I don’t want you to fall.” She can’t help but look at everything through her weakening vision.

My Baby Brother Tim (he’s single, ladies!) and Mom, Christmas 2021

I need to take photos of Mom and me. I don’t have any to speak of. Tim is her favorite, and we can use that to our advantage. He can get her to agree to things, and it’s just easier on everyone. Thanks, Tim. You make it all easier! Brother Steve lives across the street from Mom and checks on her daily, several times if it’s a weekend, many times a day. You save a lot of trips for me from Gretna.

I have a feeling this year may find some changes to Mom’s living situation she may not like. Time marches on, if we want it to or not. It’s inevitable. For all of us. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but we can do enough today to not only prepare, we can make the most of each day we have. See the sunrise, see the sunset. Enjoy high noon during the summer, hot as it is. Be someone who knows how to get the most of each day. I know it will be hard for me if I need to live in assisted living and I have to hear everyone’s loud tv’s and radios. Most folks in those facilities are very hard of hearing. They turn the volumes waaaayyyy up so THEY can hear. It won’t be good. Until then, I’ll just chuckle at it.

Tomorrow I’ll blog much earlier. I’ll be home until we go to the Post for a regular Hamburger Night. It’ll be good to be with our friends again. I’m looking forward to purchasing my new software tomorrow and start to layout some pages for my children’s book. This year will be wonderful!

Thank you for reading, I am grateful for your time. Let’s be kind, supportive, thoughtful, and wonderful humans. Wear masks, wash up, and let’s round the bend to the other side of this pandemic. It works if we work together. See you tomorrow!

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