Last Chance! New Opportunities!

Get it while you can! Just a few hours left! Really? Who are we kidding? Ourselves?

Human beings lie the best and most to themselves. We all have entertained illusions one time or another. It’s different from entertaining childhood fantasies; imagination is vital to a child’s development. Truth is vital to an adult. We don’t like a lot of our truths. I didn’t for a long time. As soon as I examined why some of my truths were my truths, I realized it was usually something I made a wrong decision about, so it became my truth. How wrong I was. We all make mistakes along the way. Your truth can change as you change.

I foolishly accepted poor treatment from people. Family, friends, and people I dated. My fault for accepting it. Once I realized I could stop it, I did. Opportunities opened! I learned how wrong I was about people. I went from being a victim to being a survivor. Now, my first question is, “Did I contribute to my feeling of being mistreated? Can I put a stop to it?” Words. Semantics. They have such clout! Just don’t take part. Period. You’ll never experience it again. Walk away. It’s powerful.

Once my resolve was firm, I met the Babe. How’s that for timing? Although I was sure he would find fault with me, he didn’t. He honestly told me I had walls built around me from being hurt. “WHAT??” I thought I hid it well. Not from a person who genuinely loved me. I’ve learned to love myself and be patient with myself. I’m so lucky to have a good person to travel the rest of time with. Together. No more deceiving me. Just honesty. And it’s everything.

Again, it’s more my nature to look at good things. Yes, even in 2020, there have been good things. We have another healthy grandchild in Colorado. Our entire extended family has remained healthy. No COVID-19, and although we have friends and acquaintances who had COVID, they have all recovered.

The happiest moment at our VFW Post 2503 was when Nebraska Patient #1 and #2 (A young woman and her father), came back to the VFW for a Hamburger Night. You could tell she was a little tentative looking at everyone. We all stood, said, “Welcome back, Emma!” and applauded. Emma broke into a smile and hugged as many people as she could. Her dad shook hands and thanked us all. It was a moment for the ages. Good always triumphs! Emma has now moved into a group home, and her life is going well.

Were there times we hated 2020? Sure. We had many discussions about how we felt. The Babe, a Vietnam Veteran, said, “The last time I felt so out of control was in Vietnam. You never knew from one minute to the next if we’d get hit and you’d die, or survive. That is stressful constantly, just like this illness is. All we can do is sit and wait.” We spent a lot of quality time together, watching movies, tv series, and talking. I’m so glad to be with my best friend 24/7. Being human, yes, we need a break from each other now and again. It’s so nice to be cozy at home together.

I’m glad I stuck with my idea of how life should be, because it turned out, it was a real thing! How surprised I was! I was right all the time! It’s not a big deal I was right (vs. being wrong), it was a big deal because my ideal was possible! I’m not an overly competitive person. Being spot on in this situation meant the world to me. Perhaps I could be in charge of my own life. What a concept! No, this isn’t a victim speaking; it is a survivor.

YES! 365 Opportunities!

And you know what? We have also all survived 2020. Many have thrived. My musician friends have new music to debut in 2021 and promote what they released late this year. I hope they can all go back to the road again. Some of them had a 90% drop in revenue during the Pandemic. 2021 is a year for all of them to shine and come back stronger than ever. Support these artists, they need you and you need them!

Thanks for reading today and for following my blog. We will have many new things happening next year and have many celebrations along the way. I want to share them all with you, my family, friends, and followers. Have a beautiful rest of the day and start 2021 on a positive note; safely! See you tomorrow!

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