What Day Is It Again?

Tell me how these two people in our home can’t remember what day it is. Every day this week, I’ve thought it was a different day. Why is that? It doesn’t even matter to us anymore, since we’re retired. Yesterday, I knew it was Sunday. When I woke this morning, I thought it was Sunday. I heard the weekday newscasters blabbing on and had to ask, “what day is this?” The Babe said, “Monday.” Wow.

The book, “Let Him Go,” is phenomenal. I love the work of Larry Watson, and this is the first book of his I’ve read. It for sure won’t be the last. I should finish it today. I don’t want to see the movie before I’ve finished the book. It’s raw, gritty, and realistic. The year is 1951, and the setting is Montana. We’ve only driven through Montana exiting Yellowstone National Park. I loved it. We learned why it’s called “Big Sky Country.” The air is so fresh. I’d love to go back again. Summer, or just before Memorial Day. The snow can still melt.

I’m thinking in another life, I may have lived during the late 1800s in the west. I’ve always wanted to ride horses, something I’ve only done once. Doesn’t matter, I can’t now because of my spine issues. But the fascination is there. I think horses are regal beings and they have an intelligence man can train and form a bond with. I can see myself riding horses at the turn of the century, wearing pants, which would be frowned upon. Yet, I could also wear beautiful dresses when required to. I would be a complex character. Full throttle, yet reserved. I’d better make some notes about this. It could be fun!

We caught Matthew McConaughey on Rachel Ray this morning, talking about his memoir, “Greenlights.” He blew me away with a story. As a kid a contest deemed him “Little Mr. Texas” with a trophy and cowboy hat. His mom hung the pic in the kitchen and every day, she reminded him he was “Little Mr. Texas.” How cool.

Today’s technology let him zoom in on the trophy. The trophy engraving read, “Little Mr. Texas – Runner Up.” WHAT?? He asked Mom. Why did you do this? Because in her mind, he was. And it encouraged him every day of his life. She believed in him, and he learned to believe in himself. How wonderful. What a kid-friendly environment. Encouragement goes a long way. It should be a good read. I’ll let you know.

My Reading is Picking Up. Writers Need to Read. Who Would Have Thought?

It’s been good to sort through all the papers and information I’ve collected in the past year and a half. A lot is being tossed, and I’m grateful I am learning to be more selective in what I devour. There are many slick presentations out there, and I’m glad to steer clear of most of them. One company does scam people, it charges you for shipping on a “free” item, then charges you a membership on some stuff you’ve never seen before. They were slick about their scam, it would appear the website was having difficulty, and flash through the “I Accept” page, then you are stuck. I got a refund until they provided copies of those “I Accept” pages, which I never saw, and were awarded their $$. I cancelled the credit card. It was “WritersLife.org” and they have had many complaints. There is an association with Platinum Millennium Publishing. and have been a problem for many writers on Facebook.

There is nearly an entire day out there to achieve something wonderful! I will do more getting rid of stuff I don’t need, and some other fun stuff around the house. Like dusting. We lost our cleaning lady in May, because of COVID, and I miss them. The Babe is wonderful about doing things like vacuuming and mopping the floors. I don’t dust as much as he vacuums. I need to get on it. I promise.

I hope you’re off to a new adventure. I will conquer the dust today, the endless papers, and a sewing project. Along with reading more. I will not stress myself with NaNoWriMo this year. I need to spend time elsewhere. Thank you for your time today, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Thankful. Be Safe. Wear that Mask. Wash Those Hands. We’re in this together. #NotAlone

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