Satisfying Saturday

Do you remember Saturday morning as a kid? I do. My brother and I would rise early and watch cartoons. Back in our day, you ate in the kitchen, so there was no eating in the living room where our old black and white TV was. As my little brothers joined the family, nothing changed, except Tom and I were older and did other things on Saturday. Mom had a rule, though, the TV goes off at a certain time, then we all were put to work. No watching Three Stooges (Mom hated them), no watching anything until it was time for the evening news or Biography, it was a Mike Wallace narrated show, telling about Thomas Alva Edison, Adolph Hitler, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower and the like. I didn’t care for it, but Tom did. And Mom didn’t like Lawrence Welk, hated Jackie Gleason, and I’m not sure what else was on. Wait! I know. Gunsmoke, Palladin, Mission Impossible, all shows Mom had to watch. Boring! But we didn’t dare grouse about it.

Word of the day: Grouse. No, I’m not talking about the plump bird that is in season for hunter’s right now. It means complain pettily, grumble, and all the other stuff Tom and I would do. Should have saved our breath. Mom never gave in.

Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if Mom would have caved in when we wanted something she told us “no” about. One thing for sure, we were taught NOT to ask, so there would have been one strike already. If we asked more than once, we could be spanked, which was not uncommon. It happened rarely, she verbally kept us in line. We hated spankings. Dad rarely had to discipline us. There were advantages for him being a night worker and a day sleeper.

I think of that simply because I’ve seen a few of John Rosemond’s FB posts, which are eye opening, to say the least. He is a psychologist who offers parents advice that is timely, tested, and true. He calls out parents who let their kids do what they want and have disastrous results. The post said “your ultimate goal in child-rearing is to help the child out of your life and into their own.” I have to agree with him. While our parents (Mom) probably held on too long, thinking we needed to behave a certain way when we left home, I tried not to offer suggestions only if the kids ask. Sometimes they still call to talk something out, and that’s good. I learned what my mom never has, and that is, don’t offer unless they ask. Hard to do, but necessary.

Our wise, old Uncle Ed Hurley told Mom, “You raise your children to leave you.” Truer words were never spoken. He was a nice old uncle, and he always gave my dad (his nephew) a bad time. And Dad gave it right back. Loved their interaction. Special. Great memories.

It’s a Nap in the Sunshine Kind of Day!

Lexie is so contented on the deck. Might have to join her here in a little while. These dogs are funny. They wimper their, “I’ve got to go NOW!” wimper. And I let them out. As soon as my hiney touches the office chair in the studio, they whine and do a single bark, meaning, “Let me in!” They think I don’t notice. Whatever you do today, get outside for awhile. It’s lovely. The trees are moving slightly, I can hear the ping of the bat from the park three blocks away, and the birds. Time to enjoy!

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate your time, and hope to see you again tomorrow! Peace out!

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