Sunny Saturday

Despite lingering smoke from the wildfires, it is a pretty day outside. It will get hot today and tomorrow, then be more fall-like. I’m ready. So is the Babe. I do like to get the windows and screens cleaned before winter. Maybe in the next couple days. We’ll see. It’s pretty easy with the product from Windex, attach it to the garden hose, then rinse the soap off. I do like clean windows.

The VFW Post 2503 new website is up and working well. I have some new updates for it and hope I can get the hang of how to do everything. If you’d like to see, here is where you need to go. The Babe’s brother-in-law, Brad did the heavy lifting, and I get to learn maintenance. It’s WordPress, just like my blog, so some things will be new to me, some things won’t. I believe it’s a good site with lots of info to be added. Baby Steps!

I wish my daughter and son and law would let us post photos of our beautiful grandkids. I ordered Canvas prints to hang in the living room. Little Cody is such a little man! His reddish blonde hair is finally starting to lay down, up until now, it would stick straight up. He’s trying to walk and has two teeth at the age of 9 months. He is so cute. Miss Kayla Jolee does funny face poses for all of her pics. Her picture is of her standing in her mama’s hiking boots, bent at the knees, hands on thighs, with a toothy grin, eyes scrunched closed, hair messed up. How about that? I think she plays a lot with funny faces, running, and being generally goofy. I cannot wait to see them again!

We have some more pictures to hang, and today we may also hang my Kimonos. They are beautiful. I can’t wait to share them with you. I’m picturing my dad, a young soldier, buying one for my mom when he was on the way home from Korea. It was still in the paper sack it came in, with tissue paper that disintegrated when I picked it up. It’s probably close to 70 years old. Wow. A good example of holding on to something and never using it. That sort of thing has always made me kind of sad. Finally, it will be hung to be enjoyed and admired.

Use the good dishes. Wear perfume every day. Eat the Pie/Cake/Donut/Dessert. I really believe God intended us to enjoy the things He’s given us. Denial is good for times of penance, but not every day for the rest of your life. No, I’ve not lived through a depression, but I’ve seen some recessions and bad economic times. I’m not a tightwad, but I’m not a big spender, either. I have no problem saying how happy seeing certain things makes me. Little babies, toddlers, old people, newlyweds, The Babe, The grandkids, our kids, my brother, grown up cousins, their kids, God’s been so good to me.

Words to apply every day.

More scene-writing today. I’ve always got writing to do. I feel I had a good, productive session yesterday, and hope to duplicate it today. Some things are finally clicking. Yay!

I love how this turned out – finally!

When I finish quilting a couple more quilts, it’ll be time to piece some more. I like to keep ahead of them, right now I have four more to quilt. One to go above our bed, two for the stairwell, one when winter comes, another for spring. One for my chair or the family room in the spring or summer. By then, there should be another king sized quilt made. I’m still cutting one for winter, a snowflake quilt. I think that’ll be my December piecing project, as I’m taking the month off from coaching with Sam.

What might be your plan for the fall? I have some in the house stuff to do and maybe some transplanting in the yard. We always have longer lists than what we can accomplish, don’t we? Part of becoming older, our brains still thing we’re young and capable, our bodies tell us otherwise!

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate it. Dream big! Use the good china, ok? You’re certainly worth it. Be kind to yourself, and to others. Give a kid a chance. Give yourself a break. Let’s cooperate and be courteous. Wash up, Show up, and Mask up. We’re not through this yet. And, get a flu shot. It could save your life.

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