Happy First Day of Autumn

It’s been a comedy of errors today. I’m getting behind with writing and everything. Life does that to you once in awhile. God planted lots of lessons in my morning. Maybe they were about things I was doing, but it got my attention. Now to find the messsage.

The Babe was a dear, sweet husband, and instead of going to do errands all day, he stayed home to keep the hounds occupied. They can get underfoot, wanting in and out, so I don’t get much done. But today, I. got the machine work accomplished on on the Poppies Quilt. You may recall, I’ve been trying every day to get to this point, but haven’t made it. I did today.

Poppy Quilt on our new kitchen flooring.

In the meantime, however, I dropped a plain sewing needle on the floor. It is no easy task for me to get on hands and knees to look for a needle on a carpeted floor. But I did, ever so ungracefully. Both my knees are ready for another set of injections, it’s been six months since I saw Doc P. for the Orthovisc injections. Getting up is another ungraceful task, but with the flashlight on my phone, I was able to find it. And lots of dog hair. Note to self, “Your studio needs a good vacuuming.” I may be getting a couple of new knees in the next five years.

With needle in hand, I mended what was needed and got ready to secure the binding to the quilt, along with the hanger sleeves. In 45 x 4 = 180. In 180 inches of sewing, I broke two needles. I hardly ever do that. The machine came unthreaded 2 more times. The bobbin ran out. Any one of those mishaps is a rarity with my sewing/quilting. I do see it as a message from God. I’m still wondering what it means. A seamstress or quilter will tell me maybe something is “off” in the machine. It could have been because I was sewing with invisible thread. (OK, let loose with the wisecracks, I know you want to!) The machine adjustments made need to be reset. It might need servicing. If it continues, I’ll have to take it in.

It’s looking so “Homey.” Thanks, babe, for your help!

While I ponder the message (if any) God is sending to me, I’ll try to finish some things that need attention, like dusting where it needs it and introducing the vacuum to the studio. It’s been a while. Not terrible, but it needs to be done. Lots of little things add up if they’re not done. Kind of like my writing. I’ve been stressed, doing a lot, and trying to get to “done” every day. Going to adjust things – attitude (mine), take fewer breaks, spend more time thinking before diving in.

My attitude adjustment is to remind myself why I’m writing. And it’s just as important as anything else I’ve done, raising kids, graduating from college (finally) in 1995, and I need to speak up and carve my time out of the 24 hours the Babe and I both have in a day. We are equal partners at this. While it’s not new in our relationship, it’s new in my thinking. He’s the perfect person for me to have learned to speak up to, he considers what I want important simply because it’s important to me. That is a treasure I thank God for every day, at least once.

And it can be the fact we’re still living with unknown due to COVID. I do think people are being a little brazen going to crowded places, assuming they won’t get sick. It’s a crap shoot, isn’t it? Still? We have been places to eat, and the staff is masked. That’s good, I suppose, I’m not sure how they do it, wearing a mask all day. And health care workers. God bless you all!

Whatever you do today, I hope you have an easy task of it. When I was tempted to quit, the Babe told me, “Nope, just go finish it. You’re fine. The older we both become, the more I want to spend time with him. Just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Someday, we both won’t still be here. Reality, not negativity tells me that. I want to spend all the time we can. Have a great afternoon on this beautiful first day of Autumn. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

topher kearby, I love your stuff!

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