Thankful, Thoughtful Thursday

It is still a dreary morning here at the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. I have a dog in my lap (a 50+ pound dog, by the way), one on the couch, a cup of hot coffee, and you guys out there. It’s been a long time since we had the news on in the morning. The Babe and I have been sitting on the deck for several hours for the past month or so. It’s quite a change for sure.

In fact, the news is now full of wildfires (although one was started by a baby reveal party gone wrong. Shame on them!), and Bob Woodward’s new book, and doom and gloom. Ah, the sky is falling, isn’t it? Or is it?

I wonder if there is any of California left, it seems as if it will burn itself out soon. I feel badly for the people who lose everything. Imagine the payouts the insurance companies will be paying out. And where will they go? What will they do? These are going to be long-term interruptions in people’s lives. Again, how much can the state do to help?

Not only are these concerns, the thing I think about is the air quality. I know what a little bit of smoke does for my asthma, I can’t imagine what that kind of smoke will do to healthy lungs. Health concerns are always near the top of my list. All we can do is pray for everyone out there. My first thought about Oregon fires was too bad the areas being destroyed by looters isn’t in the region of fires. Maybe the fires would calm the chaos that is happening out there. I thought maybe it would help.

Did you notice the difference in my thoughts here so far? I did. Instead of enjoying beauty of the outdoors and the positivity which results from that, we could have news blues. Wow. In a conscious effort to turn that around, I just have to look around me. I’m grateful for the warm, loving home we have. The Babe is off taking our beautiful Addison to school early this morning, she has a Student Council. It’s so neat to see how she is picking and choosing what she wants to spend her time doing. I was such a shy, introverted girl at that age, and I marvel at this young lady and her casual openness.

The Babe and I were talking about when Addison was little, when she’d spend the night, she would always play the same trick on Grandpa. One of the toys we had was a Curious George doll whose face lit up when you squeezed his tummy. Before she would go home, she would come whisper in my ear, telling me she was going to hide George under Grandpa’s pillow so he would see it when he went to bed later that night. He always laughed and she thought she was so sly. Those kids really leave imprints on your heart with such sweet memories.

See the difference? I’m smiling while remembering those sweet times and the warmth of life, the hope for tomorrow that grandkids give us. The world is indeed much more wonderful than the current situation would indicate. Choose hope, and life, and love to be part of your diet, not doom, media and gloom, and hopelessness.

Letting Go is the best!

The good news is I got a good start on my origin stories for characters in my book. I plan to finish it up today, and do the other homework I have for another conference with my book coach, Sam Tyler. She is making me a better writer. She is bringing out the better in my characterizations, describing the scenarios and getting out the backstory where it’s appropriate. It’s well worth it.

I’m off to another day of working on my story, switching out decorations from summer to fall, and enjoying another blessed day with the Babe and the pups. With all the “stuff” there is in life, consumer goods and difficulties, the best cure for the News Blues is gratitude. We are a blue collar middle class couple. We both started late on our retirement plans, we don’t have the million dollars some folks our ages have in their retirement plans. We are comfortable where we are. We worked hard for all we have, as did most people we know. Some have more than others, their opportunities were different.

I was taught if the opportunity isn’t in front of me, I needed to learn to create my own opportunity. I believe every school kid should learn how to do this. Then we will be equal, in opportunities and learning how to utilize them. We have to show up, learn, step up, and rely on our knowledge to make a good life. Hard work never hurt anyone, especially the Babe and me. We are truly blessed.

Enjoy your day. The rain will pass. We will have sunshine again. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it very much. Be safe, be kind, be aware. Let’s keep distancing and wearing our masks, it’s the least we can do. And yes, the days I wear my mask many hours, my face breaks out, too. So, even Grandma’s have maskne. What a deal. See you tomorrow! I look forward to it!

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