Goodbye, Summer

It’s a little cool when enjoying the early sun on the deck this morning. We are looking forward to the leaves changing this year and all that follows the season of fall. Maybe even some pumpkin spice scented candles. It helps the house get cozier.

I’m learning a whole bunch about Instagram I didn’t know before. I haven’t reached the section yet about hashtags, so I won’t be using them until I do. Sure, I’m a little late to this party, but it is a wonderful place to market your writing (if you’re an author), and connect with like-minded people. I am using the same strategy for the VFW Post 2503 Instagram page, so it’s knowledge I’ll be able to use in a couple places.

These days, I could spend a bunch of time just looking at great offers that end up in the author’s inbox every day. Some are scams. Some aren’t. It’s a great way to catch some good deals, and at the same time, someone can also be taken to the cleaners if you know what I mean. I’m amazed the number of authors who are doing “classes” on how to write. There are some with no more experience than I have, and they’re “teaching.” All the while, I’m seeing FB and Instagram posts encouraging folks like me to teach what we know. Well, I’m sure there’s a Nigerian Prince somewhere interested in what I have to say. Hey! What a great story, “I Scammed a Nigerian Prince.” I’ll get right on that.

This Might Work After All!

September 15, I have a Zoom class called, “Bring in the Backstory.” It is something I need to learn, definitely. I hope it’s new ideas on material I’ve read a lot about but still have issues with. That’s the chance we take with online classes. I purchased three for a lesser fee from someone, and was not impressed with the first class at all. No refunds allowed after seeing one class. For the sake of good will, I would certainly refund the fee. Otherwise, it appears they’re up to no good, or have an idea people wouldn’t like the presentations they do. That’s on their conscience, though.

I ran across an Art Challenge I did last year. It’s interesting, Medium, a publication for authors, has an article about getting more accomplished in a day. One bad thing, they claim, is any 30-day Challenge. Any 30-Day Challenge. It causes you to feel pretty bad about yourselves, to feel like you’ll never accomplish _________ (50 pound weight loss, Painting like Bob Ross, Writing Like Norman Mailer, and so on.) You know, they could be right. The first challenge I did was to make writing a habit. That was good, it is, and I enjoy it very much.

My mind does wander, however, and I find myself wondering if I would just watch an art class, I could maybe do that too. Balderdash! I have a habit of still thinking I can do more than I actually am able to do. Then I feel like I’ll never get anything finished. And that’s the problem, the more I take on, the less I actually FINISH. Busted! I have put off even thinking of learning to draw and paint for at least another year. I have a couple of books that need to come out before then.

I have discovered I need to write with blinders on. I have to concentrate better on only the relevant parts of the story to tell. When blogging, it’s fine to go from subject to subject, it’s kind of how people talk among friends. It’s not how an author writes. There is a huge difference in the two types of writing. I am studying more while writing character origin stories. That will help me figure out a good way to go.

I Need to Straighten My Ideas Are Laying Around Everywhere!

Here’s to a spectacular rest of your Monday, a holiday, which honors the Labor Force of America. COVID has reduced parades and gatherings, I believe. I remember being told as we grew up, it’s a day to honor the workers of America. Nearly all of my relatives were blue collar workers. Laborers. I am so glad they are coming back to America. We need them, always have. The general population will always need someone to repair their car, install air conditioning, fix a clogged pipe, build their house/garage/shed. The further up the corporate ladder you are, the more you need the additional help of someone to do the lawn, clean the house, nanny the children, do errands you don’t have time for, and the list goes on. There are lots of jobs out there, people. You have to stop being too proud to work at some of them. Get licensed as a plumber, construction worker, HVAC technician, you could possible earn more than most folks who work in an office. Skilled labor is worth the price they charge.

Thank you for reading today. Enjoy the rest of the day, the cooler weather, and all that will come with fall. I appreciate you reading, and hope to see you again tomorrow. Be safe out there, be kind, be thoughtful, be courteous, and let’s work together to get through this next few months of 2020. Most of all, be positive.

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