Sunny Sunday

Well, the newlyweds are official now. It’s not often a Dad gives the same daughter away twice in one year. The quarantine ruined wedding plans for this couple, and they rescheduled a renewal of their vows and reception for this weekend. It was very nice. They finally had their day. Congratulations, Katelynne and Mark!

The Babe is headed to Sioux Falls in the next few days to attend his aunt’s funeral. Aunt Irene has been a widow for a number of years. She was a very tiny woman, but what a big heart she had. She made it to every social event she could which had to do with family. She didn’t care until recent years if it was out of town, she and her daughter Marcia would load up and head out. Recent years found her too fragile to move around much, and she recently suffered a stroke. One thing I will always remember about her and her husband was every day they would sing the song, “You Are My Sunshine,” to each other. Every single day they were married. Could you imagine what kind of mood you would be in after that? Every day would be a good day. You’d forgive little hurts, disagreements, and look forward to the new day. I thought that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Try it, you might like it!

And so life goes on. Weddings, funerals, we’ve seen it all this week and last. And more opportunities for all of us to be good to each other. Look for those opportunities, and they will find you.

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Today’s header photo is an actual pic of our yard, and it’s the path Goldie takes hundreds of time a day to retrieve whatever toy is choice of the day, after the Babe or I throw it. She is pretty incredible to watch, and dedicated to doing her job often and well. This morning, she got pretty tired but won’t quit. That yielded this hilarious pose:

What A GOOF!

I’m starting to write my character stories of origin. Each and every trait the characters has is written and analyzed. If I say someone is Catty, I need to show my readers how that looks; how that behaves; how that thinks; and, if necessary, how that is overcome. The challenge is narrowing down the main characters and the minor characters.

How do all of these personalities factor into the story between a young woman and her husband? People will come and go in life, how do you account for that in a novel? I’m about to learn by doing. It is one thing to have the idea, it’s another to succinctly put it on paper. Working on that every day.

We have quite a long “Honey, Let’s Do” list. I don’t do “Honey Do” Lists. I was alone for a lot of years, owned a house, and managed my own honey do list. When I got married, I didn’t feel it right for me to not help as I could. So now, it’s a joint list and duties are shared. It works for us. Today should include some dusting, cleaning windows, and the like. Oh, and letting the Babe’s suit pants out. (oops!)

Words to Live By!

Thank you for reading today. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and holiday Monday. Try to remember what Labor Day means. It is a day to celebrate labor in America. Yes, the unions, and the trades people, who are the ones who really keep out nation going. The economy depends on them. Stop and be thankful we have them. I salute you, workers of the world. I have always admired people who can craft things, build building, pour concrete, lay bricks and block. Hard work never hurt anyone. Remember that. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be courteous. We need each other and we need each other to help. See you tomorrow! Be safe.

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