Getting Schooled

Happy, happy Wednesday, folks! I’m just hanging out waiting for a webinar to begin. I’ve not used this meeting software before, so hope it goes well. Just to be safe, I downloaded their free software, but I’m waiting to see if the link the speaker sent will get me in. Wish me luck.

When I first started reading and researching all the things you need to do in this world to release a book the non-traditional way, I became pretty overwhelmed. I wanted to quit. For some people, it is a “you must learn and do everything at once!” kind of urgency. I had a hard time believing I had to start marketing the book before I even started it. But then, I started to market myself. To tell some folks what I dreamed of doing, and I started to write. Now, I’ve changed ideas within the first manuscript. Sam, my trusty book coach, coached a whole different book from me than what I had my heart set on. The heart knows not what the brain should do. Once my brain got on board, it makes perfect sense now.

So based on the prior thoughts I was wrestling with, by this time last year, I was convinced I had to do my cover, write my blurb, learn Kindle Marketing, learn all things Amazon, keywords, tags, categories, and on and on and on, until I wanted to dive into the special edition, 1975 leftover bottle of Crown Royal my dad received from an ink salesman who serviced the World Herald account Dad was in charge of. (Nope, didn’t touch it. It’s still there for the next special occasion.) It could drive a sane person straight into anxiety.

I backed up and pondered the options for awhile. Writing is the more important thing to me. And blogging, which is writing every day. So that went to the top of the list. And I churned out over 40K words for NaNoWriMo last November. Just because you churned out 40K words, doesn’t mean they’re useable. The goal was words, not finished writing.

I even ran a contest; whoever commented every and any day would be in a drawing for $50. The winner was my friend Pat Riedmann. She donated it back to be used for kids who are learning to write. Since COVID happened, I couldn’t donate to a summer camp held by local writers, etc. I am donating it to be a retainer for a young artist I’d like to have illustrate my children’s book, “Roxie, What Are You Doing?” Hoping the deal works out, it would be fun.

I adore children’s books. Now that I’m a Grandma, I hope to write one the littlest ones will learn to read, and I can write something to interest the older ones. An audience from eight months to thirteen years is pretty expansive in the genre of kids books. I’ll be guided in the right direction by God, I know I will. It always seems it happens that way. If I listen.

The webinar was great, this lady knew what she was talking about. It was regarding using Goodreads for advertising. Four out of five suggestions available are free. Your name will be in front of many, many people. I’m enthused about promoting myself and my book there. More on that later.

Thank you for reading today. I’m so grateful you do. I enjoy our time together. Time to rest up a bit now for it’s Hamburger/Food Night at the VFW Post 2503. Take care, everyone. I will see you tomorrow. Be safe.

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