Late Sunday

Hi, guys!

Checking in late today, just finished sending Chapters One and Two off to my Book Coach, Sam. It seems the day just flew by, so here we are, at 9 p.m., and I’m just writing today’s blog. I kind of don’t want to skip a day, so I’ll be brief.

I did a Target run this morning. Armed with my mask, I didn’t see anyone else without one. I’m glad about that. The last time, a whole herd of a family were wandering and touching everything. These are scary times, and I hope we all comply just to make it end sooner than later. Yes, I’m tired of it. Yes, you are, too. It just felt safer after all is said and done.

Photo by Noelle Otto on

I believe we will vote by absentee ballot for the November election. The ballots are to be dropped off at special boxes that go directly to the Election Commissioner office. That is how it should be. I would not leave my vote to the USPS. Not now and not before all this stuff going on. Pure and simple. No problems.

Gavin and Addison are getting a puppy! I can’t wait to meet her, Josie is her name. She’s a Lab/Shepherd mix, aren’t they all?? He is over the moon. I’m so happy. The dog will be as good for the boy as the boy will be for the dog. Pictures to follow.

There was some bad weather earlier today, I hope none of you were affected by it. The thunderstorms with hail and very strong wind are scary. No doubt about it. I hope you and yours are safe and sound.

I get to be involved in rolling out a new website for the VFW Post. It will be so cool, they have needed a new one for some time. The I/T Company is doing all the front end work, and tomorrow, I have some research to do for them. It’s great to be part of the team to spruce up the place! More on that later, too.

Well, that’s about it for the day. It’ll be an early start to the day tomorrow. Hope you all have a good night. See you back here again tomorrow. Sleep well!

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