Sunny Sunday

The day started very early at Raabe Ranch this morning. The Babe made an appointment for both dogs to go to the groomer today. Well, in the rainstorm, he was trying to get them loaded into his new car. They wouldn’t jump up and into the back seat. Goldie hasn’t been in a car since February, when we had her spayed. She just wouldn’t have it.

In the midst of what seemed like a 3 Stooges movie, the dogs got away, running around the neighborhood as if they had good sense. Dangit, how naughty! Luckily, Goldie gave up and came home early, Lexie kept running around. She finally came and jumped up into the car. Sheesh! More obedience classes are in our future. We need to keep them safe, we can’t have a repeat of last summer when we lost Roxie. Goldie stayed home with me, we’ll take her in another day. She is very wide-eyed when I look at her. I hope she figured out that’s not what she should be doing. She won’t budge from the couch.

Lexie will be ready soon to come home. She’s a little skittish. Poor girl. She is showing so much white hair in her coat. If it continues, she may end up a white and brown dog. Right now, she’s brown and white. Who knows in another couple of years?

My rewritten Chapter One has been sent back to my book coach. I am ready for a break, I think. Maybe the next couple days will see more quilting. That may refresh my creative muse for writing. It seemed pretty hard to come up a new way of what I’m trying to say.

Photo by Andrew Neel on

The rain was beautiful this morning. It should have quenched the thirst of all my flowers, the lawn, bushes, and refilled the birdbath with fresh rainwater. It sounds refreshing. Hope the birds, worms, and little creatures appreciate it. The bad part of the storm blowing through is how hot and humid is will be before the day is over. Should be quite humid and feel like it’s over 100 degrees. Too dang hot. At least Gavin’s ball games are over. He was pretty overheated in the catchers gear at his last game. He just doesn’t want to give up or give in. That’s a Raabe trait. German heritage at work right there. Good when used for bettering yourself.

I have several creative sayings as prompts in my studio/office.

When Life Gives You Scraps Make a Quilt

Sew much fabric, sew little time!

May your bobbin always be full!

the desire to create is one of the deepest longings of the soul.

Sewing mends the soul.

My latest creation, I purchased because I thought it was a decal for the wall, such as the others were. It wasn’t. It was a paper circle, and I mounted it on foam board, glued buttons around the outside. It is now on my studio/office door.

Sewing Room – where the magic happens

I wanted that phrase, “where the magic happens,” as a reminder from whence I came.

When I started my career in I/T at ConAgra, I worked for one of their smaller companies in Omaha. I had a boss who could not answer any technical question I had. He’d say, “That’s too technical for you.” It was the 80’s, and yes, that wasn’t appropriate for him to say. It felt like, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” When he talked about the computer processing some code, he’d say, “That’s where the magic happens.”

I joked about it later, after I left there, but it still felt demeaning to me. My new boss told me I was so much more talented than he was told, I was top notch in my skills. Why was I treated that way, then?

I’m told the old boss wasn’t able to answer my questions. Honest to Pete. Wow. I would have never known. Glad I found out the issue wasn’t with me, though. I’m glad to have endured that, I don’t think a woman could be addressed like that anymore. It makes me grateful I learned, grateful I had the ability, and grateful I didn’t give up the I/T field as a career. It would have been easier to quit, somedays. I’ll get this writing thing down, too.

Thanks for reading today. Keep safe out there, friends. I appreciate all of you. See you again tomorrow!

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