Sum Sunday

I think Sunday is a great day of the week for reflecting. I’m doing some of that after the Babe and I cleaned the upstairs of the house today. Whew! I was spoiled by paying someone to do this the past three years. I wish she hadn’t quit, and I’ll probably get some help later, but for now, it’s just the Babe and me.

It doesn’t smell as fresh probably because we’re the ones cleaning. Before, we’d go downstairs while they cleaned upstairs. Then we switched while they did the downstairs. Coming upstairs we could smell the freshness from their cleaning products. It was worth what we paid. I can especially see that now. But not now. I just think it we did a little something each day, it wouldn’t get out of hand. Decluttering is what we need to do. We will be doing it now on a regular basis. I’m terrible at filing stuff when I’m done with it. That will change this week. And it felt good to go through my t-shirts and put the ones I no longer loved into the bag for female homeless veterans. I hope someone finds them fun to wear.

It is tragic to stagnate, to never grow.

I love to learn new things. It’s much easier to set about doing it alone, though. If you don’t quite get it, or it turns out you’re not very good at it, you can keep it to yourself. No one will know you quit. But you will know. That is worse than everyone else knowing. So there is a risk in writing a book for the first time, for having an art show the first time, or doing anything for the first time. Having a group of people who know what you are doing keeps you honest, and gives you a little more reason to succeed.

I finished writing scenes and points for them for 37 chapters in my book. Take heart, some chapters are only one or two pages long. It will take a little critical thinking on my part to rearrange these chapters for a better flowing timeline. We will see. It is shaping up. We’ll see how my zoom meeting goes tomorrow with Sam, my book coach.

It is currently is 94 degrees with a lot of wind and humidity. We are about melting. We did major cleaning so far, and are taking it easy for awhile. a nap wouldn’t hurt my feelings too much, but it’s probably too late for that. It is mighty tempting, though. I think I’ll have Gavin tomorrow for awhile, so we will see. He hasn’t seen Goldie in awhile, so I think he’ll be outside a bit with her. It’s nice to be able to think of making plans again. To do normal things again. To enjoy our family again. It’s been a long time coming.

I’m excited to talk with my book coach Sam tomorrow. It should give me a good push towards finishing what I need to do. Hopefully it will be a productive conversation, they usually are. In the meantime, thank you for reading today. I deeply appreciate it. I will be here again tomorrow, and hope you are, too. Take care! Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Be safe.

Being led is much better than being pushed.

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