Fast Friday

It’s nearly 6 p.m., CDT, and I’m just now writing today’s blog WOW! What a day. Where did it go?

I’ve mentioned I somehow lost 3K words from one copy of my manuscript to another. It’s been driving me battier than this quarantine, from which we had a reprieve on Wednesday of this week. A night out was grand, and here we are, back in lockup. So, I’m trying to figure out how I lost 3,000 words from one saved version of my book to another. The only way I could think of to check it is an old-fashioned way of looking. Proofread both paper copies of the book, side by side, and I’ll find out what’s missing. Sure, there is a “compare” app to run, but I don’t want to mix up how I’ve moved chapters around and things like that. So, I’ll employ an old way of doing things. I will physically read them both, side by side, and see for myself where/why I dropped those many words. It’s the safest thing I can come up with. I know it will work. I’ve proofread many, many documents throughout my career.

So, with that said, we’ll figure it out. The weekend is upon us and I hope it gets warmer but doesn’t go directly to hot so we need to resort to the air conditioning. We’ll probably go to the garden center Monday to get a couple perennials, a Hydrangea Bush, a Peony Bush, maybe some more Columbine. Flowers have lifted my spirits for a long, long time. I’ve dug up so much dirt and killed off grass to make room for more flowers than I can tell about. I’ve lived in five different houses in the past 45 years, and planted big flower gardens in three of them. I learned by trial and error, and have made mistakes a lot. I’ve brought perennials from one address to another, and didn’t have too many to bring to this home.

I miss the Peonies and Iris that bloomed in time for my birthday later this month, as I would take those to my dad’s grave on my birthday, and they would last through Memorial Day. It meant more to me to take my flowers to Dad, rather than a purchased bouquet. I currently have no peonies and no iris, so I probably will buy a bouquet and go see Dad. He’s still my person I pray to when things are bad. I pray for him to show me the way, I believe he will send me a message or a feeling so I’ll know what to do. I prayed a lot to him for help raising my kids. Teen agers, two boys and a girl, gosh, it was a job. I believe my dad was able to give me guidance all those years ago. He still does. All I have to do is ask. Faith is a wonderful thing.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of my daughter a lot this year. She has two little babies, one a two year old toddler, and one a three month old baby to keep track of. I do not envy her. She waited a long, long time to have a family, and her time was running out. She is doing a beautiful job from what I can glean from her photos, videos, and short texts. All that while this pandemic is going on, along with shortened workdays, or furlough’s. What energy she must have. I forget what that kind of energy feels like, I know I had it some time ago, but not now. God plans things out quite well, doesn’t He? I admire her tenacity. She gets that from me. She has always amazed me. I learned how to be independent from her. She had a marvelous spirit as a little child. I did not squelch it. I hope she realizes how important that was. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. I just felt it was important to let her express her being, her soul. I tried to be careful not to squelch her growth.

The world was so different, we were learning how to raise boys and girls so they both accepted responsibilities at home and in the workplace, and women were gaining more equality. I was lucky to work in a technical area, where your skills were what mattered. At home, the boys did laundry and so did the girls. We all cleaned, cooked, and mowed the lawn. My kids were awesome with those responsibilities, and never had to be reminded. It was an honor to be their Mom. Really. They are the best thing I ever did. I’m so proud to be their Mom.

I thank you for reading today. It means a lot to me that you do. I’ll be here tomorrow, and hope to see you here then. Stay safe out there, wash hands, wear a mask, let your kids learn who they are, not who you think they should be. It’s important. Let them be who they’re meant to be. See you tomorrow!

It Runs Out Here, Baby.

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