Superior Saturday

It’s another nice day at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. I did the unthinkable. Today, I went by myself, to the store. I selected Target because they have so many flavors of the Greek Yogurt we like. I felt like I was on another planet after not shopping for over a month. At least there was no line to wait in to enter the store. The carts were being sanitized by an employee, who set them off to one side for you to have one all ready for as you enter. Nice. I hope that continues all summer.

The shopping wasn’t too bad, except I spent a whole bunch of money. We were out of a lot of things. And no snacks. The Babe isn’t happy. Anyway, the store definitely had a lot of empty spaces. I got the last squeeze pack of pickle relish. Love pickle relish mixed in tuna for a sandwich. I skipped the cookies, the snacks aisle, the stuff we tend to eat up fast. Got some good Italian Sausage to make a pasta meal with next week. I needed a lot of Health and Beauty Items. Make up. Make up remover. Sunscreen. Body Wash. Hair Spray. The essentials.

Some people opt to live in their pajamas during quarantine, and even during illness. If when I’m ill, I manage to stay out of bed except for a nap, I’ll get dressed. Dressed everyday in quarantine. I suppose it’s because now we’re the old people, but the Babe does too. It helps us have a better mindset for the day. And I wear makeup every day. It’s a habit, I suppose, but it makes me feel better so I’ll continue to do it while I still can. So, if you see me out somewhere and I need to blend a little better, give me a heads up, ok? And let me keep my dignity.

It feels strange in this age of COVID-19 that we are being allowed (May 4) to come out of quarantine a bit. That scares me to death. Of course numbers go down when people are staying home. It’s WHY they stay home! I’m just concerned it will kick up again with a vengeance and quarantine us until Christmas. That would be horrible for people, their psyche, their relationships, their pets, neighbors, and co-workers. And the health professionals! Wow. The VFW is talking about doing something during the month of May, and following the rules in place. It would be good for the morale of the members, whichever are able to come.

Favorable things I saw today included so many apartment building going in north of Highway 370 on Highway 6/31, also known as 204 Street closer to Omaha. Traffic signals, too. They are expecting people to move in and they’re getting ready. The traffic will increase, as the population does, and we’ll see more schools being built, more places to shop, and so on. Gretna will be the place to be in a few more years. An issue on the ballot in May concerns a huge park, including ball fields, baseball diamonds, splash park, and many other things. It will be good for the families. I love to see that.

All is well, I’ve unloaded the groceries, put them away, and got an Iced Chai Tea to relax a minute and bring you all up to date on things. More book editing later on, and this morning, I finished piecing the Poppy Quilt this morning! Here it is, thanks for holding it Babe and Goldie.

Needs trimming, layering & pinning, and quilting.

I need to check out the craft room and see what fabric I have for backing and if there is enough batting to layer it. Hope so, otherwise a large order will go out for a roll of batting. Might be enough for five or more quilts, so it’s worth it. I’m really glad to have finished piecing the quilt. It all will be completed, in due time. It’s fun to have all these different interests, and hard to pick what to work on.

More reading to do this afternoon, and dinner later. This evening, Jimmy Weber will do another Show, this time from the empty bar at Buck’s in Venice, NE. It’s just down the road from us, but they won’t allow people in. If you’re interested, go to his Facebook page, Jimmy Weber Music and watch the Facebook Live. I’m looking forward to it very much. Tonight, on FB Live, from 8 – 9:30 p.m. Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting today, I appreciate it. Have a beautiful evening and I’ll see you tomorrow. It’ll be another beautiful day!

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