Sacred Sundays

Good Sunday morning, friends! Hope you are all well and safe. We are here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska! Alas, it’s cloudy again today. No sun or blue sky to be seen. Darn! I can only imagine what people go through who suffer from diminished vision as our mom does. Makes for long days. It’s been a banner day so far. We had home made cinnamon rolls, fruit cups, coffee, and watched our local Gretna United Methodist Church service on FB live. What a weird experience, but Pastor Gary Main hit it out of the park with his sermon about Surprises from God. Go figure! We certainly are living amongst one right now.

This was a great way to start the day. Yum!

I never thought I’d live long enough to see the Catholic give dispensation for the weekly Sunday Mass. That was always a deal breaker, a mortal sin, you had to immediately confess your wanton ways and beg forgiveness. I don’t know if they are still so strict with that, I’m guessing they are. My Protestant friends have always laughed how Catholics are the only faith who time services, offering advice on the shortest Masses in the city, which priest overlooks leaving early, which ones don’t. I never thought about how funny we are. Yes, I was baptized Catholic, attended twelve years of Catholic school, and switched when Dan and I got married. I had been in the group that had fallen away. I’m grateful for my upbringing, and for what my parents gave me. That said, for me, God is way bigger than that, and I’m ok with knowing God loves me despite divorce, remarriage, and the life we have. God loves us all, no matter which Church we support.

After FB Church, I received a message from a cousin’s wife letting me know our Grandma’s home was on the market again. I tell you, if we could handle steps again, and had $250K, we’d go look. It’s been updated a lot. I’d love to bake in Grandma’s kitchen, work on the countertops that replaced her old wooden ones, and have my studio in her now finished attic room. What a lot of memories. Each photo brings back so many. The owners do the home justice, and their updates are fantastic. 3324 Center Street in Omaha, Nebraska is the address. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll have time to look at it. The house was always quiet, just Gram and her sister Anna lived there after Grandpa died. The front porch was always enclosed as long as I can remember. I’d love the heck out of that, too. She had a porch swing, though. Wicker furniture. It was the play place for the cousins. Lots of love in that home.

A number of years ago, when one of my all time favorite bands reunited to go on tour, they produced an album, “When Hell Freezes Over.” Of course, it was the Eagles. We were hungry for more of the genius of Don Henly and Glen Frey. They produced some fantastic music sober, didn’t they? The trick was, they were musicians, not just a band. I got to see them in concert twice. Both times it was unbelievable. The fact they sound as good if not better in person as on an album says a lot – it says they are musicians. The world will always miss Glen Frey. His brilliance wasn’t finished yet. Awesome his son has joined the band, as has Vince Gill. Vince Gill is another brilliant musician. The point of this is, on the “When Hell Freezes Over” album was a song I have loved for over twenty years. It’s called, “Learn to be Still”. This meme reminded me a lot of the song. Here’s a link to the song, enjoy.

“Learn to be Still” Meme for Self Distancing

I feel this song and it’s meaning is very important to each and every one of us now, as we practice self-distancing, health safety like never before, and learning to be alone with ourselves. I’m hoping younger people learn to be alone and keep the rest of us safe. I’m hoping we all learn it before it’s too late. This will not be over quickly, folks. It will last much longer than any of us wants it to. You see, it’s not up to us. This is a critical, serious situation. I ache to see our family, our five kids and their spouses, friends, grandkids. It just isn’t safe.

No, we’re not over reacting or being drama queens about it. Throughout history, mankind has experienced terrible illnesses. Luckily, vaccinations have erradicated many of them, namely, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diptheria, Pertussis, and the flu. All this said, times like these are exactly why I believe in vaccinations. I like living too much to die. I also valued my family too much to go without them. I got a Swine Flu shot in the 1970s when it was a scare. We got the tDap shot to keep our grandkids from whooping cough. I get flu shots every year. I got the old people’s pneumonia shot, both kinds of Shingles shots, and whatever our doc tells us about. I trust his judgement. He’s the smart one, he knows more than I could ever hope to. You can bet when they have a vaccination for Coronavirus I’ll be in line to be protected from it. Hope you will be too.

Anyway, it might be hard to be alone with your thoughts if you are not used to it. Many people need their “tribe” to hang out. You can’t do that now and be as safe as you would be cocooning at home with a movie, good book, etc. Boring? Challenge yourself to find something to do. And I don’t mean video games, taking selfies, etc. Get outside of yourselves. Or maybe I should say get inside of yourselves. In your head. Where you form your opinions, values, and depth. The place you emanate from. Learn what you think. Learn how you think. Learn how you react to things. There is so much more in life than one Target run after another. Seriously. Your world will be as big as you let it be. Let it be all around you, not just on the device you hold in your hand. Talk to people via Facetime, Skype, FB Live, whatever. Look at your people. Think about what you love about them. Think about how you’d like to be like them. What will you miss about them when they’re gone? How can you let them know how you feel? A huge amount of personal growth can happen while you are self-distancing. You’ll become a better human for it. And so will our communities, once we can come together again. Here are the words to the Eagles song, “Learn to be Still.

Thank you so much for reading today. I appreciate it so much. Get started to know yourself from your soul on out. It’ll be good. I’ll be here, see you then.

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