Tuesday’s Tales

Today, I’m grateful for a sunny day and the love of a sweet yellow lab. She is quite the toy chaser. Even I can wear her out! That’s an accomplishment. Goldie is doing much better with her potty training. It’s tougher in winter, but at least you really know how much they learn what they should be doing. At least that’s what I tell myself and the Babe when we get frustrated about all the in and out. Part of puppy duty for sure.

We tire this Girl OUT!

Took Mom to her balance/fall prevention class today. She is at a considerable disadvantage because of her limited vision and hearing. She cannot hear the instructor or any of the other ladies in the class. She was nervous, much as any kid on their first day of school. It’s a new experience for her, as she prefers to be solo doing anything. Nevermore. She didn’t say too much about it except that she hoped she wasn’t too tired Friday after class to go to Menard’s. She can’t miss that 15% off sale on cleaning products. I told her we’ll figure it out. We always do.

It appears I will have time today to watch some videos for Pinterest for Nebraska Writers Guild. A member went to a great deal of work to spell everything out for us. I’m glad. I may have been a software programmer and analyst, but I was the world’s worst end user. It had to tell me exactly what to do in perfect sequence. It’s how I wrote data entry software. Lots of error checking before writing the record to a batch file for processing later. We did not have any real time updating back then. Heck, we were lucky if it updated overnight! In computers and information alone we have come a billion miles since 1985-2000, the fifteen years I worked in the field. From dumb terminals to PC’s. It’s amazing.

Well, I just watched six videos and am convinced Pinterest is amazing for long-term marketing that is free. My question is, though, do any straight men use Pinterest? I wonder how men would use it? Baseball teams? Fantasy Football? Who has the best wings any night? In my mind, I cannot fathom men using it. In which case, although the ad has the longevity of a McDonald’s hamburger, extended shelf life may not do much good if half of your audience never sees the ad. What do you think?

To tell the truth, I was on Pinterest a long time ago. It ended up taking a lot of time I did not want to spend glued to a device. Why would I want to spend more time on a device looking at pictures of people living their lives in photos, recipes, flower arrangements, quilt patterns, and not be living my life? I will need to learn to like it again in exchange for reaching many people with pins of my books once they hit the market. Small price to pay, I’d say.

Thank you for spending time with me today, I hope you have a nice evening. I will return tomorrow. I hope you will be here, too.

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