Black Friday??

Can you touch your toes after all that great food yesterday?? Can you still see them?? The best part about Thanksgiving is the leftover turkey in a sandwich. My dad liked his with my mom’s homemade cranberry relish. It was made with ground cranberries, and ground pieces of an orange, and sugar. It was a cold relish and was really good. I didn’t have a grinder to use, but you can chop the cranberries in a blender, filled to the top with water. Just drain the chopped cranberries in a colander, add sugar to taste, and you have a simple way to make something that tastes like it was complicated. I love the stuff.

How do you reheat leftovers?? You know, microwaves are truly incredible machines. They did not exist in my childhood. Or into my adulthood. You had to warm things up on the stove or in the oven. And had to be careful not to dry everything out so badly you could not identify it. Some things, like rolls and bread, are awful heated in the microwave. Trust me, it’s awful. Mashed potatoes are heavenly reheated in a microwave. I’m convinced the inventor of the microwave was a guy who loved mashed potatoes and wanted a decent way to reheat them. Give that man a hand!

Who is shopping today?? I am not, I assure you. Crowds do not entice me. I have some 8,000 words to write and finish up before Saturday at midnight. I sure hope to be able to tell you I accomplished the goal of 50,000 words. I want to be able to wear the t-shirt declaring me a winner. I hear there are some prizes from NaNoWriMo for we who finish the challenge. I confess I did not do well writing last evening after the festivities of the day. My old, aching back decided it would not work anymore last evening, so we spent the evening in the recliner with the heating pad and my TENS unit.

There is still time to enter my drawing for NaNoWriMo, and to enter again! You can have two entries for each like on the blog you like, and make a comment. Two entries a day. There are thirty days times two chances each. You can really go back and submit on previous ones back to November 1, 2019. Sixty chances to win! Read the previous blogs while you wait in line to check out with your purchases today!!

Drawing is December 1, 2019, NOON. I will announce the winner on the blog that day, and on my Facebook page. If I do not hear from the person drawn by the next morning, I’ll draw a new name. I’d love to draw your name and mail you a $50 Visa Gift Card. Enter!

Our dinner yesterday was perfect. We are so blessed to have the kids and grandkids we have. Gavin is seven, and he just git his first pair of grown up man kind of shoes. Black dress shoes look great on any gentleman, and Gavin is proud to be dressing up. He is such a blessing in our life. He has such a beautiful heart, and if he loves you, you know it. Addison is at the age where she would rather be with her friends, or in her room. Good kids are a blessing.

Dan has two children, I have three. We laugh and say it’s a good thing we didn’t meet when they we were younger. That would have been quite a herd of kids. Our boys are forty-eight, forty-six, and forty-four, and the girls are forty-two and forty. Their birthdays are in the months of October, August, November, October, and January. It would have been quite a household even if they were only all together on weekends. As it is, they were almost all off on their own when we met. It’s just about impossible to get them all together for an event, vacation, or just a meal. Three of them live in different states, so it’s complicated.

If you go out shopping in the Midwest today, please be careful. We have some wet, icky weather. It will take longer to get to where you are going. Your family would rather have you, healthy and happy, than some great deal for a gift and have you maimed or worse.

Thank you for reading today, I greatly appreciate it. We will see you again tomorrow, and just be safe today!

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