Sweet Sunday

Good Sunday Morning!!

Goldie did not have a good night, therefore, neither did Dan. He went to bed before I did. When I was turning out lights, Goldie started crying, and had made the most awful mess in her kennel. In her sleep! Needless to say, I needed help keeping her dirty feet away from cleanup in Aisle 5. And Aisle 7. And Aisle 15. Wow! Such a little body could not produce so much waste!

You could tell she felt bad. She just hung her head. Wasn’t her fault. Dan took her outside for a bit and she just laid at his feet while she just looked up at us. No, sweetie. It wasn’t your fault.

At first we thought maybe she caught something from the other dogs. No, we decided it was the rapid fire treats she received for doing a good job at Puppy School. They may have been liver or something too rich for the amount she ate. Lesson learned, next week we bring our own treats. And skip your noontime feeding. AND begin to offer praise only. We want her well behaved without being a little butterball. She is a great addition to our home, and even Lexie is starting to tolerate her better. That is a huge relief.

I gave both dogs a bath this morning. Wow. What a workout! Lexie and Roxie used to go to Petsmart. The groomer was good with them, but they clearly did not like the dryers. Or the grinding tool for nail trims. Clipping is just fine and it’s less expensive. The groomers prefer grinding I think because it’s an upsell. What do you think??

Goldie wasn’t too sure about the bathtub, but she seemed to be ok after a few minutes. There’s something about a wet puppy that makes it almost impossible to hold but adorable at the same time. She squirmed but didn’t jump out. She let me take her out and bundle her up with towels to dry her. She did really well and I got to cuddle her.

Lexie, the most stubborn dog in the world, acted as if she were a water-hating cat. All four paws spread out, claws out, and I swear she weighed 200 pounds. She got in the water and was obstinate the whole time. Obstinate, isn’t that a great word unless you’re dealing with a being who is obstinate? My mother said I was an obstinate child. It’s a word I’m not too crazy about, but in this case, the word is aptly used.

Lexie didn’t allow me to get parts of her wet, so the soap and rinsing was especially tricky. She probably needs to go to the spa for a day, and get the nail trim too. The cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow, so any lingering mess will be handled, and they’ll get the carpet vacuumed super well. We will be doing carpet cleaning late Monday or early Tuesday, then the house should be rid of any puppy explosion remnants.

How, might you ask, am I doing on NaNoWriMo?? I am at 30,145 words now, and need 2,836 words per day for the next seven days. It’s still doable. Yesterday was a much needed take it easy day for both of us. We can still make it in good order. Let’s stay positive all week about it. I’ll structure my days around it, and should be ready then to edit in December, between decorating the tree that I haven’t purchased yet. I am actually looking forward to it. I’ll let you know in a week, after Goldie sees it.

Our Roxie was such a swiper!! Gavin said we should have named her “Swiper!” I had a playmat, like a rug, that we’d put on the coffee table at our other home. Gavin played with his cars on this mat that was printed to look like a city. When he wasn’t looking, she would grab a car and run into the other room with it. She just wanted something of his. Crazy dog! At this house, I had a number of sparkly, sequined birds that she would grab and try to run with. Luckily, she had a soft mouth and didn’t crunch into them. Crazy dog. We do miss her, but Goldie is a wonderful girl. Can’t replace them, but you can have them settle in a new place in your heart.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Not having plans is really having plans. You may plan to do nothing, which is sometimes a great relief. If your families don’t get along or gathering causes an issue, not going is an option. You owe it to your sanity and peace of mind to do something you want to do. Something that is not stressful.

This is it for today. I hope you have a good rest of the day. Sunday’s can be so good. Thank you for reading, leave a comment and like, you’ll have two entries for the $50 Visa Gift Card I’m giving away for NaNoWriMo. Drawing one week from today, December 1, 2019 at NOON. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday

  1. Poor Goldie. I’m glad you figured out the problem and have a new plan for rewarding good behavior. We are traveling to my Mil’s and taking the ham and the smoked turkey so no cooking for me. I’m looking forward to a relaxing day and we’ll play dominoes most of the afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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