The Little White Puppy

This has been a truly difficult day. It started out like any other day. I had an early doctor checkup. I stopped at the store on the way home. When I arrived, my dear husband was on the deck with Lexie, and I didn’t see Roxie.

We rescued Lexie and Roxie 6 years ago after we returned from a family trip to Puerto Rico. They were 3 1/2 and 4 pounds and four weeks old. They had a very sick mom and 4 siblings. Roxie had a nasty virus that required a special medication. She was on it for a couple months and grew into a happy, silly puppy.

At first, the girls slept together.
Roxie enjoying a treat.
Lexie enjoying a treat, too
The girls loved the fireplace.
Roxie listened to music while I sewed or wrote.

My husband came in the house crying and hugged me saying, “I’m sorry, Roxie got out and got hit by a car, she’s gone, I’m so sorry!” I was really caught off guard. “What??? How did that happen?”

He told me someone had to have opened our gate, the dogs ran, and for some strange reason, they ran to the busy highway, Roxie ran into traffic and was hit. Lexie ran off and came home. Dan kenneled her and went to look more for Roxie. A lady from our Church stopped and had help getting Roxie into her car. That is when my husband came upon the scene. He knew it was bad.

They tried to help our girl. She was a hefty 52 pound Labrador/Basset mix, with a big Basset butt. She was white with brown spots. The vehicle hit her very hard. From the petechiae, they said she died from internal bleeding. They tried to stabilize her, but they couldn’t save her.

My little white puppy. My naughty trash master. My counter surfer. My Billy Goat. My scared of loud noises, thunder, and especially fireworks. She slept between us every night for the past week because she was scared. When it’s quiet she and her sister sleep in separate kennels. They sometimes fought but always made up. No more. No more little white puppy. How can this be???

As we wait for her ashes to be returned to us, it will be too quiet, too weird without her. We’re grateful to have Lexie, but we’re concerned how she will be. She has been with her sister her whole life. I know she will miss Roxie. They walked together, they played together, they had treats together. They were constant companions. And so were we.

We have had 3 beautiful dogs before this. We will probably have more, or maybe not. We have loved them like crazy, and our life is fuller for having had them. As I told Roxie goodbye this morning, I told her she would get along well with Shadow, Mocho, and Mollie. They will greet her as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge and waits for us.

God really was wise for creating Man’s Best Friend. Our hearts hurt from being broken.

RIP Roxie. You will always be my little white puppy.

10 thoughts on “The Little White Puppy

    1. Thank you so much Tim and Jinnie. It’s just such a shock. The worst part is our grandson Gavin is so attached to Roxie, it will be hard for him. Thank you.


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